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Garmin Singapore: The Best Options for Your Needs

People think of Fitbit when they think of fitness trackers. But when you want a watch to keep track of your activities from running to golfing to fitness tracking, Garmin seems to be an ideal option. Whether you choose its smartwatch or something else, you can expect it to deliver great results. Here are some models that you can’t afford to miss when browsing through this brand.

For your running habit

Forerunner 945 comes with some serious features for runners and triathletes. It has a function called training load focus that helps runners explore their training history by categories, such as structure and intensity. Besides, it has music, incident detection, cycling maps, Garmin Pay, and many other highlights. The dial size is 47mm, which makes it look quite sporty.

The watch has water resistance up to a depth of 50m. You can also expect its battery to last a long while. In smartwatch mode, the power reserve can last for up to two weeks. If you run GPS, the battery can run for 36 hours, and if you use music also, then it can endure for ten hours. 

For your love for different sports

Fenix 6 series are some of the finest choices in the multi-sport smartwatch category. Fenix 6 watches come with 1.4 size screens. From heart rate sensors to built-in GPS, modern sleep monitor to smartphone alerts, it also comes with preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps for ski resorts, highly advanced satellite navigation system support and sensors that allow 3-axis tracking.

If Fenix 6 isn’t your cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with Venu that a more streamlined and affordable experience. It has a high-quality AMOLED display and the battery can last up to 120 hours in smartwatch mode and up to six hours with all bells and whistles on. Just like Fenix 6, it will provide good overall health monitoring and GPS tracking service, but it will also allow you to download media and listen to your favorite music from Spotify, Deezer and Amazon music.

All Garmin Singapore watches have excellent features. Some models come with silicone straps, and some feature titanium belts. They’re usually Android and iOS compatible.

For fitness tracking

From Garmin Vivosmart 4 to Garmin Vivosport and Garmin Vivofit 4, you have plenty of options to choose from. Vivosmart 4 is a decent fitness tracker with two disadvantages. One is its small screen, which can make navigation somewhat challenging, and the other is the lack of built-in GPS. If you carry your smartphone, then you can sort out the problem of GPS. Otherwise, it is well-known for its accuracy and fitness and sleep-tracking system.

Vivosport contains a GPS and heart rate monitor in its sleek and lightweight body. It can resist water up to 50 m. Once charged, the battery can live for up to seven days. In this design, you get a Chroma touchscreen display.

Vivofit 4 is an improved version and looks drool-worthy with its comfortable and colorful appearance, and extra features. It has many things, but still, you can miss a heart rate sensor in this. 

For stylish look

Vivomove smartwatches can compete with any premium watches for their elegant appeal. They have all the features and functions of a smartwatch, and the best part is you don’t have to pay a high price to get one. In these watches, you can expect to find pulse Oximeter sensors, built-in GPS, Garmin Pay, etc. In their smartwatch mode, they can survive up to five days. If you want to buy an affordable Garmin watch, then these are perhaps the best options.

Garmin watches are incredible from every angle. If you want to embrace something with fantastic design and technology, you can go for this one.