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Fun and Fitness – 5 Fitness Goals You Can Achieve with Skating

For decades, skating has been one of the most popular pastime activities in the world, with an ever greater following among people of all age. Nowadays, it is considered to be a wonderful teaching tool for children and adults, as well as an adrenaline-filled sport with numerous physical and psychological benefits.

While traditional fitness routines entailing weights and countless hours spent in a gym are still viable, this new kind of exercise regimen is showing the world that fitness can actually be fun at the same time. Here are the five fitness goals everyone want to achieve, made possible with skating.

Weight control and fat loss

Anyone who has ever tried skating will testify that it is one hell of a full-body workout. The constant balancing, twisting, jumping, and turning works wonders for your physique, and allows you to maintain a slender appearance, and even lose weight quickly depending on the intensity level in order to sculpt the body of your dreams.

By increasing energy expenditure, skating is an excellent fat-burning workout that will also allow you to enjoy the finer culinary delicacies in life without fear of gaining unwanted weight. Even if you do gain weight, simply up the tempo and you will be back on track.

Improve cardiovascular endurance

Fat burning and cardiovascular endurance usually go hand in hand, and skating makes sure you work on your cardiovascular strength while at the same time burning fat. All the huffing and puffing during those vigorous runs that simply demand of you to push your limits and inhale more oxygen to support your energy expenditure is what puts skating up there with the most vigorous of training regimens.

The best part is that you can tailor every run to be as laid-back or adrenaline-filled as you like, allowing you to ride your skateboard every day without fear of burning out or injuring yourself. Some days of the week can be devoted to cardio training, and other days can be spent maintaining your desired level of physical activity. Either way, you are getting a great workout in.

Combine fun with fitness

Fitness is supposed to be fun, rewarding, and invigorating, yet oftentimes, in the modern world it can get boring, dull, and repetitive. This is where skating comes in as one of the sports that promotes freedom, allowing you to exercise anywhere in the world and live out your life to the fullest. With skating, the world is your gym.

Likewise, skating effectively breaks monotony on every level, as you can easily switch up your run, preferred route, and exercise parameters to revive the joy and enthusiasm inside. Riding in the great outdoors, or even to work, is not only invigorating and relaxing at the same time, but also challenging enough to provide the right stimulus for your muscles and central nervous system.

Tone your muscles

Speaking stimulating your muscles, skating is a great way to tone your physique and even increase lean muscle mass over time by constantly putting pressure on your lower body and your core. Other muscle groups such as your back, arms, and shoulders will play a vital role in stabilizing your entire body, leading to more muscle activation. In essence, skating is an effective way to target every muscle group in your body and maintain a sculpted physique.

Build body strength and coordination

Finally, by learning new skills and tricks on the skateboard, and practicing your riding on a daily basis, you are engaging your central nervous system and actively working on increasing your total-body strength, as well as coordination.

Not only are you increasing your strength by maintaining good posture, squatting, and jumping, but by also staying on your feet during the toughest of turns and tricks, you will also be improving your motor skills, reaction time, and balance. All of this makes for a functional training session that will directly translate into your daily life as well.

Skating is one of the most exhilarating pastime activities in the world, and it can also be a vigorous workout worthy of a decent training session at the gym. With these essential benefits in mind, you will have a fun and rewarding time reaching your fitness goals through the power your skateboard.