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Four Ways to Keep Your Look While You Work Out

A new year means a new you, and it’s time for you to hit the gym and get in shape. Another one of your resolutions, however, might have been to dress better, and you don’t want to be slacking at the gym. The old, baggy basketball shorts and the cotton t-shirt aren’t exciting anyone. How will you show off your style while getting fit?

Believe it or not, you can rock a look while still getting in shape. Here are some tips for looking fresh while getting your sweat on.

Wear an Accent Piece

You don’t have to wear a full suit to the gym to look stylish. Not every piece you wear has to be incredible to give the appearance of style and class. Start with one fun piece and go from there. Wear a clever, dry-fit shirt or tank top with a fun fitness slogan on it or let your novelty socks stick out from your sneakers. Little touches will pull your whole outfit together and prove that you have style even if you’re sweaty.

Think Slim

Form-fitting outfits are all the rage at the gym these days. Want to look trendy on the treadmill? Trade in those old shorts for a slimming pair of leggings or running pants. Wear a tight-fit shirt while lifting to give yourself a boost of style and confidence at the same time.

Maybe you’re just getting started on your fitness journey and don’t feel like tight clothes will flatter you at the gym. It can be an intimidating place to show off your body. What if people laugh at you? 

Clothing can actually provide you with the confidence you need to push yourself further and go the extra mile. Plus, tighter clothing will allow you to track your progress. You’ll watch that waistline disappear in real time and you’ll feel better for it!

Be Smart About Makeup

You might be used to going to the gym barefaced. After all, no one wants to look like a sweaty mess with their makeup running after a few miles on the elliptical. There are ways to wear a little makeup at the gym, however, without melting. Using light, mineral-based foundation can help even out your skin tone and disguise some of that sweaty flush your face gets after a few hours of working out. Looking for waterproof makeup too, especially if wearing mascara or a light, neutral lipstick. Putting on a little makeup will help you put on your game face and push you to go further and work harder at the gym.

Style for Sweat

At the gym, sweat is an inevitability. While some people sweat more than others, you should expect to sweat a little, everyone sweats. In fact, it’s good for you and proves your workout is working. Knowing you’re going to sweat, however, means you can prepare.

If you have long hair, go into the gym with an up-do of some kind. Wearing your hair up will prevent it from getting frizzy, tousled and damp thanks to the sweat on your face, neck and shoulders. Wear darker colors, too, to hide sweat stains that may appear as you work hard. 

Finally, there’s nothing wrong about carrying a towel with you to blot your face and neck as you work out. Keep yourself looking fresh and you’re guaranteed to feel fresh even after hard work.

Being a hard worker at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t also look good while getting your sweat on. Being attentive about the color, fit and fabric of your clothing, as well as minimizing sweat and an overworked appearance, will help you look your best while at the gym. Looking good isn’t just for impressing others, but also for building your own confidence, which will help you push yourself further and work harder to become the person you’ve resolved to be. Put on your waterproof makeup and get to sweating!