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3 Foolproof Fitness Tips to Reshape Your Figure

Why can’t I have that narrow waist?‘, ‘I would kill for broader shoulders!‘, ‘I hate my wide hips!‘…If you have ever entered a gym locker room you would realize that, when it comes to our bodies, many of us are not happy with what Mother Nature has given us. However, if you feel like maybe you haven’t won the genetic lottery, you need to realize that with some lifestyle changes you can reshape your body and finally be happy with what you see in the mirror.  And not only that! With proper diet and exercise regime you will improve your stamina, have more energy and become a healthier version of yourself.  Now doesn’t that sound amazing? We know that every journey begins with a single step, so before you embark on this one define your goals and see which behaviors you will need to change. Keep in mind that the greater the transformation you want, the greater sacrifices you will need to make. Reshaping your body is not an overnight thing and you won’t wake up looking like a supermodel. However, with patience and self-determination each day you will be one step closer to your dream body and discovering your most gorgeous self.

Create a calorie deficit

If you are determined to lose weight and reshape your body, you will need to empty that kitchen cabinet where you hide all your chocolates, chips, cookies and other snacks. You need to create a calorie deficit in order to drop those extra pounds, and junk food will only make things worse. Instead of stuffing your face with popcorn and marshmallows during a movie, opt for fresh fruits, nuts or a low-fat yogurt. Choose broiled or grilled proteins over the fried ones (no matter how delicious they are!) and make sure to keep your portions in check. When preparing a meal reserve a quarter of your plate for a lean protein, another quarter for a starchy vegetable and the other half of the plate for non-starchy vegetables.

Get moving!

Although eating healthier and creating a calorie deficit is important for weight loss, exercising is also a must. If you are not an active type and the closest you got to exercising is buying pizza next to a gym, you will need to get the right equipment. Right sneakers will help you avoid injury and compression calf sleeves by Rockay can enhance your workout and recovery. The most important thing is that you perform all the exercises correctly, so if you are not exactly a gym rat consider asking a personal trainer for help. Together you can develop a program that will help you lose weight and reshape your body. In order to achieve your goal you will need to exercise regularly, at least three times a week. With weight training along with cardio exercises in time you will gain muscle, lose fat and look more sculpted. Although some body shape changes are just not possible, you can use resistance training exercises to tune your physique and make the most of your natural assets. For example, making your shoulders broader will create the illusion of a skinnier waist and your upper body won’t seem so bulky if you build leg muscles.

Motivate yourself

Each and every one of us is different, so you will need to find that thing that helps you stay focused on your goal. If you are just not able to listen to music without tapping your foot or shaking your booty, consider creating a playlist that will help you stay active and work even harder. In case you often have those nasty late night cravings, decorate your fridge door with pictures of the perfect body you want to have one day. If you are worried that your willpower will fail you, try working out with a friend, their support might give you the boost you need.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly and focusing on your goal will not only help you look better, but you will feel better as well. Your overall health will significantly improve, you will become more confident and happy with yourself. Therefore, keep your eyes on the prize and take things one step at a time. What do you have to lose?