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Fitness Isn’t Just Something You’ll Find in a Gym

We’ve all been there. We get motivated to go to the gym. Everything seems to go great for a while. And then something happens. We wind up slacking off just a little. We might find one part of the process we hate and then start obsessing over it. But no matter how it happens it tends to be pretty common.

Fitness and the gym experience

Basically, the gym routine starts to push us away from our fitness ideals. There’s good reason for it too. Every year people make a dash to the gym to start a whole new healthier phase of their life. And every year gyms see the amount of people actually sticking around drop back to the former baseline.

Again, there’s quite a few explanations for it. And everyone has their own particular explanations as to what they found difficult about the experience. But in general there’s one thing that we can be certain of. Gyms just tend to burn people out after a while.

It shouldn’t come as a real shock though. Fitness in many ways is about trying to replicate the healthy lifestyles of the past. We’re trying to essentially replicate our natural environment. It’s similar in a sense to how we take dogs out for a walk or run so that they can really move their bodies and work their senses. But that’s a big clue to what we find rough about gyms. There’s an infinite variety in the world at large. And that’s not really what we find in the gym.

An escape from monotony

Really think about what you find in the gym. Usually it’s just continual repetition of the exact same movements. Repetitions of the exact same sights. And to be sure, that can still be a good thing.

But it’s far better if you can work to moderate things a bit. Again, it’s helpful to think about the example of how you’d walk a dog. Some dogs do like to do the exact same thing every single time they go out.

But the vast majority of dogs like to mix things up a bit. They try new paths, smell new smells and generally remember to have fun with their exercise. That’s how one really keeps an exercise routine enjoyable.

For humans, it’s often about finding a way to mix things up a bit. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean skipping out on your workout. Instead, it’s more about finding different ways to get a workout in so that you don’t get burned out on the gym.

Variety in exercise and variety in health

A recent study looked at heart performance in swimmers and runners. They found that each produced some different results for people’s hearts. But the study also points to an escape from the world of gym life.

The fact that they show different but positive results means that the two offer a nice way to balance a workout. And both also allow for some ways to incorporate variety into your fitness routine. We’ll look at each in turn and examine just how they can help you escape from monotony.

A full workout with a good swim

A pool is one of the single best alternatives to the gym. Part of it simply comes from the fact that access to a pool is usually fairly simple. It’s even true if you’re in some of the driest areas of the country. Pool builders in Dallas can do it with the climate so it’s a sure fit for almost anywhere else.

And once you have access to a pool you’ll have almost everything the gym lacks. A pool allows you to choose between many different types of exercise. Swimming builds overall endurance. And as we noted earlier, it’s fantastic for the heart. And perhaps best of all it allows for variety. This means that you can use it to escape the monotony which normally comes with exercise.

Running toward a solution

Another strong option can be found with running. Now, people often think about running next to cars spitting out their fumes. Running on sidewalks gives you more variety than in a gym. But it’s still less than ideal.

Thankfully, most people will be surprised to find how many running trails are in their general area. This can give people a chance to run while also enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature.

Like with swimming, you’ll find lots of chances to mix up your workouts when on a trail. Many people even mix in a bit of parkeur thanks to the abundance of trees, logs and miscellaneous natural platforms.

It’s all about health

It’s also important to remember that this is all for the sake of a long and healthy life. A lifestyle is only healthy if it’s maintainable. And that’s why it’s best to add variety to your workout.