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Fitness Affects Your Life at Work

It is imperative to have a regimen that includes low impact exercise even if your day job consists of physical activity. Exercise is even more important for those who work desk jobs for example, if you work in a Washington DC Office Space.

Scientist are very firm in the belief that exercise changes the biology of the brain, making the brain more acceptable to information. This allows for a higher rate of retention. There are connections between neurons that actually effect and improve elasticity in the brain. The best results occur when you perform some form of exercise before or during a cognitive task. This is a very bright suggestion that learning may be enhanced during physical activity.

Why is exercise important?

It is true that regular physical activity can improve the human physique but exercise is also very beneficial to one’s mental health as well. Staying healthy is the key to life. Taking preventative measures is much more effective than taking action to reverse any issues such as any illnesses that have occured.

Staying active and living a fit lifestyle can raise self-esteem, lower chances of heart disease, prevention of any strokes as well as diabetes. 

Fitness and the brain

The same way that exercise and work go hand in hand, the same way that physical activity increase brain function. Exercise calms mental fatigue and provides optimal energy. By exercising, you are alleviating stress and clearing mental blockages. This alone allows for clearing of each compartment in the brain. In the same fashion that thoughts are organized, there is more room for organization in your day to day life.

When active exercise is taking place, the body is releasing endorphins. High Intensity workouts commonly called, HIIT, are short workouts that are great for getting up your heart rate. Exercise is a great substitute for caffeine. Because more blood is being pumped in to the brain, the more alert the brain becomes. Being in the best mental space at all times is very essential to being successful in life. By increasing your brains’ capacity to compartmentalize and organize means that there is more room for memory. 

Frequency of exercise

Many people stress over finding a way to incorporate fitness into their schedule. The great thing is that a brisk 15 minute walk each day is all it takes to get started on your fitness journey. Each day you can add more resistance or weights and increase your exercise minimally. It is very important to listen to your body so that you do not exceed your limits, which can lead to exhaustion. Increasing exercise daily will help you understand your body. So, that by listening to your body, you will know when it is ready to move on to bigger challenges.

Get active!

Now that you are more educated on the perks of being physically fit, take a few minutes out of your day and get a head start on your first brisk walk! Use your mind and body to balance them as equal counterparts to help you reach your highest potential. Because exercise overall increases productivity, it is sometimes referred to as “cognitive candy.” Those who have adapted to a sedentary lifestyle shortly see and feel the consequences that follow. To fight fatigue, it is best to add physical activity into your everyday life.

Sometimes time is a huge factor so it is important to find the proper exercise routine for you . There are many forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates, high intensity workouts, bootcamp, running, skipping, jogging and even jumping rope. The key factor is to move with concentration, precision and proper form. Maintaining joint, limb, and muscle safety is as important as balance, stability, and the raising of the heart rate. There are many ways to get moving. Don’t overthink it, there are many videos online that are a great help and guidance to those that are new to the fitness field.