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Feeling Like Your Body Needs Fine Tuning? Probiotics Might Help.

When you think about your body’s many systems, which one comes to mind as the most complex? While they’re all amazing and intricate, your body’s gastrointestinal system — its gut — plays a larger part in your overall health and well-being than you might realize. In fact, some consider the gut to be the body’s second brain due to its marked impact on everything else. Chances are you’ve heard of probiotics for overall gut wellness. Maybe you’re even taking them now. But have you ever heard of their dietary fiber sidekick, probiotics? They might hold the key to you finally feeling wonderfully balanced and comfortable. Read on for three reasons why you should consider giving probiotics a try.

They’re Easy to Come By

One of the best things about prebiotics is that they’re already hanging out in so many foods that you probably have in your refrigerator or pantry. Bananas, garlic and kidney beans are all heavy hitters along with whole grain breads and berries of all kinds. Maybe you have food allergies or are on the pickier side —that’s okay! You can still gain all of the same gut health benefits as your legume eating pals just by supplementing. So if mixing a powder with water is more appealing to you, don’t wait to use this PrebioThrive coupon code to get the ball rolling.  

They Might Clear Your Skin

Chances are you’ve experienced acne in some way and chances are you’ve felt frustrated — especially if what you’ve tried didn’t really help. This is where prebiotics come in! There is some promising research showing that they might be helpful in combating acne due to their ability to support growth of good bacteria already existing in the system (this is where probiotics come in). While there isn’t a ton of hard evidence available, it might definitely be worth a shot. Toss a serving of chickpeas into your salad and try swapping out that double chocolate muffin for a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast. Taking note of how your skin reacts to different foods or supplements will be really helpful in determining the best plan of action for your skin. Try researching skincare products actively containing prebiotics, too. You never know what you may find. 

They Might Make You Stronger 

As bodies develop and age, it’s inevitable for things to change and weaken. Did you know that prebiotics could play a key role in keeping your bones healthy and strong? Calcium, one of the most important minerals for strong bones, could be easier absorbed when prebiotics are present. Other important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc may also be included in that as well. Whether you have young children who are growing at a rapid rate, or if you’re trying to get a better handle on your overall health as a mature adult — adding prebiotics to your diet could definitely play a part in keeping everybody’s skeleton in fighting shape. One of the best parts? Everything you eat that is rich in prebiotics is also really good for you, so you’ll be doing double duty on the healthy eating front.  It can absolutely be tricky to navigate the world of healthy eating and supplementation, especially considering there are thousands and thousands of opinions, studies and options available. When it comes to trying prebiotics, it should be encouraging to know that they are truly safe and truly natural (hello, bananas!) and available as simple supplements if that suits you better. Take note of how your body responds to whatever you choose to try and adjust as necessary. Another positive is that you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself along the way. And as always, if you’re unsure about adding prebiotics to your routine, chat with your doctor first for some guidance. Hopefully you’ll find yourself feeling like the most balanced version of yourself.