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Exploring the Ocean Can Help You Keep Fit

The oceans and seas of our planet are among the most fascinating and wonderful features of nature. We can only marvel at the sheer majesty and breadth of the waters that cover two-thirds of the Earth, and remain unexplored in many places. If you enjoy the great outdoors and are keen on water sports you have likely swum in many of the world’s seas, and perhaps taken boat trips and gone snorkeling. Each is a wonderful experience, and gives you a vision of the earth that we don’t see from our usual locations, and with every trip, you want to see more.

You will already know that swimming is a great source of exercise, tones many different muscles and is beneficial for overall health. This is true even in your regular trips to the swimming pool, but why not combine your desire to explore the seas with your exercise routine? You’ll be surprised how much energy is consumed snorkeling, for example, and then there’s surfing, a pursuit that you may not yet have tried. The thing about surfing is you may have been put off by the price and difficulty in transporting surfboards. That’s no problem if you invest in an inflatable stand up paddle board, or SUP.

Why an SUP?

We’ve touched on one benefit of trying surfing with an SUP – the reduced cost over the standard surf board. This is a good point as if you find that surfing is really not for you, then you have not spent too much money. Furthermore, the other benefit of an inflatable SUP is that you can deflate it when not in use, and stack it away for storage in a small and unobtrusive package. Then there’s the fact you can transport it in that small package to where you want to surf, without the need for a large vehicle. Are you interested? Let’s have a look at these very versatile paddle boards in more detail.

Many More Benefits

We’ve touched on the benefits of the SUP in terms of affordability, so let’s just run through a few other factors you should consider:

  • An inflatable SUP is far less expensive than an equivalent hardboard
  • You can carry it around with you and inflate it when you reach your destination
  • It is a very versatile board and more manageable for beginners
  • It is usable anywhere, on any water
  • While not as fast as a traditional board, it is more agile and great fun
  • It’s also great for kids

The inflatable SUP is in fact a recommended starting point for beginners, so whether you are a barely experienced surfer or have never indulged in the sport, it is very likely your best option. How do you choose one?

There are many reviews around that will help you find the best inflatable SUP for your skill level and ability, and for your chosen water, and we thought we’d summarise a few options and give you an idea.

Some Suggestions

Our first piece of advice is a simple one: don’t rush out and but an inflatable SUP on the basis of this article; research the subject further, check out some suggested boards, and take on board customer reviews. Get an idea of the price range and set yourself a budget. If you are serious, before you buy your paddle board, take some lessons and that will give you a better idea of what it’s all about.

Are there any boards we might suggest?

FunWater has a range of inflatables that are very popular and affordable, and you might want to look at their range for inspiration and ideas. SereneLife is another brand that offers some very versatile inflatable SUPs, and they are also worth looking at in more detail.

These are just a couple of the brands that have a foothold in what is a competitive market so, as we said earlier, make sure you know what you will need to pay, and how much you can afford.

There’s also the fact that when you start using one of these inflatables you will find they are great for use on the ocean, on rivers, lakes and any type of water, and for active use or simply for relaxing. And, when the day comes to an end, simply let the air out and pack it away!

Check out inflatable SUP’s now and you’ll see that this is the affordable route into surfing you can budget for, and look forward to more fun on the water.