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Why Exercising in Nature Provides the Best Results


Undoubtedly, the gym is one of the most popular places where people go to realize their fitness dreams. However, not everyone is born to like the iron jungle, nor is the gym environment the be-all-end-all of fitness. In fact, there are far better ways to get a great workout in and stay on top of your fitness game without having to spend your time cooped up in a stuffy room during rush hour.

Enter, green exercise. Outdoor exercise has been around long before the first gym was built, and it’s high-time we embrace the numerous physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of this truly fulfilling method of training. Not only does outdoor exercise help you rekindle your relationship with nature, but it also helps you destress, put your body under dynamic loads and against dynamic challenges. And it’s just fun to do!

There are literally hundreds of outdoor activities you can take up, and your goal is to find those that will not only give you the physical benefits, but also resonate with your mind and soul. Here are some of the most rewarding outdoor workouts you can incorporate into your lifestyle for a happier and healthier future.

Exploring new sceneries with hiking


To get one common misconception out of the way, exploring a new neighborhood in your district is not considered hiking. That’s walking, and it’s a radically different form of “exercise”. Hiking, unlike plain walking, utilizes your entire musculature and challenges your body dynamically with uneven terrains, tough uphill walks, varying trail types, and much more.

While walking on pavement can be a nice way to warm up on your way to the trail, hiking can actually be a vigorous workout that some of the toughest of gym aficionados wouldn’t dare tackle. Moreover, hiking in the great outdoors will do wonders not only for your waistline, but your mental health as well. You can also up the intensity easily by choosing a tougher, longer trail.

Taming your spirit with outdoor yoga


Not all exercise requires huffing and puffing in order to be effective, and yoga has been proving this statement for millennia. Depending on the type of yoga you choose, the physical stress on your body can be light, or it can be downright unfair. Either way, you are getting an amazing workout session both for your mind and body.

The added delight of taking your yoga mat into the beautiful outdoors, whether it’s the park or a riverbank, will only reinforce your relationship with nature and allow you to unwind and wash away the stress of your modern lifestyle. All the gear you need is your trusty yoga mat and comfy yoga clothes to allow your body to truly enjoy this ancient art.

Cycling through the wilderness


One of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, in the gym and outside of it, is cycling. Whether you are cycling to work, around the block, at the park, or crossing mountain ranges, cycling can be one hell of a fat-burning, body-sculpting training session that will not only leave you sore, but emotionally fulfilled as well. Simply put, cycling is your way to a healthy and happy future.

If you are up for a challenge with a splash of adventure, then cycling through the wilderness is your best option. Before you get on your bike though, you want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment, such the Alpinestars protective gear that’s designed to give you maximum flexibility while also keeping you safe out on the trails. Remember, cycling is an amazing workout, but only if you make sure to stay safe at all times.

Mountain climbing for a dash of adrenaline


As if the other forms of outdoor exercise aren’t adrenaline-filled already, here comes good old mountain climbing. This one is for those who love a good thrill, as well as using their entire body to fight gravity and reach the finish line. While also an excellent way to clear your mind and soul of negativity, this sport is particularly good at developing your upper body, including your shoulders and back, in addition to your glutes and legs.

Be wary though, as this type of outdoor adventure requires professional guidance and plenty of practice if you are to tackle the highest peaks. Don’t forget to obtain the necessary equipment as well such as your protective gear, rope, webbing, and clothes made out of durable, non-slip fabrics.

Enjoying a good swim


If you are pressed for time, you can absolutely get a great workout in by going to the local pool. But if you want a true challenge and a great rejuvenation session in the great outdoors, going for a swim in the local river or a lake is even better. Swimming works your entire body and it challenges your cardiovascular endurance, while being the perfect remedy for those hot summer days.

There are plenty of things you can do with your time than spend it at a stuffy gym. In fact, many forms of outdoor exercise can be far more rewarding than pumping iron, so be sure to incorporate some of these amazing activities into your weekly routine for a healthier, happier future.