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Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog


Hiking is one of the best things you can include your dog on. Whether you hike through mountains and forests, or rocks and desserts. Dogs want to be outside enjoying the fresh air with you. It is such a good form of exercise for both of you. If it is dark out or you are in an unfamiliar area, you can bring a leash to help protect your dog. You want to make sure when you are in the wilderness you are aware of your dog and don’t let him lick or eat anything. Harmful food for dogs can include toxic or poisonous plants, sticks, or animals. You need to be educated in the foods or anything out in the wild that may harm your dog. Dogs can get super sick if they consume things they are not supposed to.


Heading out on your family activities and want to bring the dog? If you are headed to a lake in the great outdoors then your dog will be in heaven. Dogs are actually really good swimmers and you can go on all kinds of adventures with them on the lake. If your dog does not swim, this is a perfect opportunity for your to teach him! You can toss toys out for your dog to go fetch. Or you can just swim around and enjoy the day. This will be fun for the whole family, the kids will be thrilled that their cute puppy is out swimming with them.

Bike ride

Biking or mountain biking is a fun thing to do with your dog. They will get such a great workout in because they will be running to keep up with you. There is nothing better than biking throughout the mountains, besides biking throughout the mountains with your dog! Now if you do want to do this you have to do a few things to train your dog first so they are safe. Start off with smaller bike rides around your neighborhood so your dog gets used to the bike. Make sure your dog comes back to you immediately when you call him back. This is a safety precaution.


Camping is also an activity that you can bring your dog along for. You can either get him his own special doggy tent or he can bunk with you. Be careful if you have any campfires that your dog doesn’t get too close. Overall, it is a better experience with your furry friend by you. You may feel more secure and protected with them by your side. Although, still be mindful of animals around. If your dog is a big barker and is never quiet, you make want to be careful you don’t pick a camping spot around other campers as to not annoy them too much.