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Essential Tips for New Runners

Exercising is essential for your physical andmental health. A great way to get exercise is to run. Running is great for your cardiovascular system. It helps to build strength, tone muscles, and burn calories. If you’re new to running, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are X essential tips for new runners.

Start Easy

If you’ve never run before, you need to start easy. Begin with interval training. Alternate between running for two minutes and walking for two. Over time, you can increase your intervals until you can run the full distance without any breaks.

In addition to beginning with intervals, you should avoid running too fast. Doing so could wear you out quickly as well as lead to frustration, pain, and (in some cases) injuries. Instead, start with a moderate pace and build up speed as you get better.

Stretch After Running

After your run, you should always take some time to cool down by moving to a brisk then gentle walk. Next, you should focus on stretching. Doing so helps to increase your range of motion, improves your flexibility, and reduces your risk for injury.

Rest Days are Vital

While taking a day off might seem like the lazy way out, rest days are incredibly important. After running (especially as a beginner) your muscles and bones need a chance to recover and repair. When you take the time to rest between running sessions, you can more effectively improve your performance rather than inhibit it.

Take Care of Your Feet

While running is good for your body, it can take a toll on your feet, especially if you’re not running properly. Good form matters. You should also invest in a good pair of running shoes.

If you have dry skin on your feet, you may end up with cracks and significant pain, which can make running incredibly painful. You should use a cream formulated to restore the health of your feet, such as Footmedix. You can read footmedix reviews to see how the product has helped others.

Eat Well and Hydrate

While running helps you to burn calories (and can help you to lose weight) it’s important that you fuel your body properly to ensure your best performance. A healthy, well-balanced diet is necessary for your body’s health as well as for giving you the energy to run. It also helps your body to repair more easily.

In addition to paying attention to what you eat and making sure you’re eating well, it’s also vital that you drink plenty of water. Hydration helps you to regulate your body temperature, allows waste to be removed, and brings energy to your cells. It also helps to improve recovery and minimize the risks of cramping and injury. Be sure to drink plenty of water but avoid drinking too much right before you head out.


For optimal running performance, you need to strengthen your whole body. You can keep your upper body strong and toned with pushups, pullups, and core exercises like crunches and leg raises. You can also do yoga to help build strength and flexibility. Choose what works best for you.

Switching it up and doing other forms of exercise between running sessions also helps to keep things fresh. Different forms of exercise can help to reduce the risk of too much stress on your joints and you avoid getting bored.  

Improper running can result in pain and injuries and can increase the likelihood that you’ll quit. Keeping these tips in mind can help to make running a more enjoyable experience that can leave you looking forward to exercising.