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Don’t Hibernate: 10 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

With winter comes the temptation to snuggle up on your couch and count walking to the fridge as physical activity. But just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean your desire to stay in motion should, too.

Here’s a look at 10 winter-friendly activities that will help you stay fit and active throughout the year.

1. Head to Your Local Gym

While you may not find it easy to stay active outdoors when the temperature drops, it’s easy to maintain your wellness routine in a gym.

Gyms are perfect for those of all ages and activity levels. You can craft your own wellness plan and work at your own pace — so there’s no reason not to get started!

2. Go for a Jog

Who says you have to put your running shoes away for the reason at the end of summer?

Going for a jog in the winter is a great way to get your heart pumping while enjoying the fresh, cool air. To avoid hypothermia or weather-related illnesses, strive to wear the proper winter running attire before you head out for your jog.

3. Break Out into Your Favorite Yoga Poses

When fall comes to a close, you may find yourself grappling with the weather-related sadness and anxiety — also commonly referred to as the winter blues. If you’re feeling sluggish or lacking in energy, yoga is a simple and natural solution to your problem.

Yoga is great for your physical health and can help you relieve stress and experience mental clarity. Research yoga studios in your area to turn this activity into a social experience.

4. Hit Up Your Local Mall

I know what you’re thinking. “How is going to the mall going to keep me active?” The simple answer is this — in more ways than you think.

Even small strides to stay active are little victories. Hitting up your local mall keeps you on your feet and moving, especially as you walk from store-to-store in search of the best sales.

5. Go Sledding

The snow won’t last forever — so why not dive right into a fresh blanket of white with a sled, snowboard or saucer?

Encouraging fun outdoor activities is a great way to get kids on board with your active ambitions during the winter season. While it may be tempting to put on a family movie and stay inside when the temperatures drop, outdoor activity is imperative for a kid’s physical health and can lead to stronger immune systems, motor skills, and vitamin levels.

So, break out the sleds and your favorite furry boots. Sledding is an exciting way to stay active even when the snow continues to fall outside.

6. Lace-Up Your Ice Skates

Ice skating is another activity that’s great for keeping individuals of all ages active and energized during the winter season. Do a quick warm-up or stretch before you hit the rink to prevent soreness after your done.

If you’re a beginner, consider starting off slowly and working your way up as you get the hang of skating.

7. Climb Stairs

Unleash your inner Rocky and get ready to climb a few steps. Since most homes have staircases, this is a simple and effective activity that’s a fan-favorite of those who don’t feel like venturing into the cold outdoors.

If your staircases at home aren’t ideal for climbing, venture outdoors to a longer set of stairs. Just remember to bundle up and stay hydrated!

8. Dip in an (Indoor) Pool

By the time winter rolls around, you may find yourself realizing that a long time has passed since you last worked up a good sweat. If you’re not ready to hit the weights or engage in full-blown cardio sessions just yet, consider going for a dip instead.

Swimming is a great idea for anyone looking for an activity that is low-impact on the joints and great for a full-body workout. Find a local indoor pool to get started!

9. Shovel Some Snow

You have your eye on that snowblower at your local hardware store. But, it may be best to use some elbow grease and go the old-fashioned way when it comes to shoveling instead.

Offer to shovel your neighbor’s snow if you’re up for it, too! Not only will you get a nice workout in, but you’ll make a few friends in the process.

10. Play a Game of Hockey

When winter rolls around, sports enthusiasts anticipate the kick-off the hockey season. Instead of cheering from the bleachers (or your coach), make a point to get in on the action!

This is a great activity for large families or groups of friends. Set a date for the competition and plan for rematches!

How do you plan to stay active this winter season? Vowing to exercise during the winter months will help keep your body toned and fit into the next year.