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Don’t Fear the Swimsuit: How to Look Better this Summer

Anyone who’s looked at a calendar lately (or anyone who’s been outside lately) knows that summer is right around the corner. Summer can be a wonderful time of the year. Baseball, fireworks and vacations are things to look forward to. But there’s one summer activity that can be dreadful, and that’s swimming. 

A day at the pool is one of those rare occasions when you’re in front of a lot of other people in very little clothing. In fact, for most people, swimming is the only occasion in which you’re socializing while you’re showing so much skin. Whether it’s a bikini or something more modest, your swimsuit doesn’t let you hide your weight. Swimsuit material clings to your body, revealing every pound of you. Swimming can be a lot of pressure.

So, to look great in a swimsuit this summer, you basically have three priorities:

  • lose weight
  • lose weight
  • lose weight

Note: Maybe you don’t need to lose weight! There are plenty of opinions out there about what your ideal weight is. There’s plenty of online calculators that should give you a good indication of what’s healthy.

Lose Weight by Eating More Vegetables

Unfortunately, Americans, and people all over the world who are eating an American-style diet, aren’t eating enough vegetables. Increased vegetable consumption has been shown time and time again to lead to better overall health. But eating more veggies also leads to a smaller waistline. 

When you eat vegetables, don’t try to hide them by over-seasoning them or by putting tiny bits of them in giant dishes. Vegetables have a great flavor all on their own! If you can’t think of a vegetable you like all by itself, it’s probably time for you to try new vegetables. 

Try this: go to the grocery store and only shop in the produce section. Look for something you never buy, and buy it. Bring it home. If you don’t know how to cook your newly-acquired mystery vegetable, nibble it raw. It might taste gross, but it won’t hurt you. If you want ideas on what to do with your vegetable, go to Youtube. Look up, “what do I do with parsnips?” or “what do I do with leeks?” or “what to do I do with rutabagas?” 

Lose Weight By Cooking for Yourself from Scratch

You’ll be much more likely to lose weight if you cook at home, from scratch. What does “from scratch” mean? It means cooking with basic ingredients. Instead of using a can of cream of mushroom soup, you make your own cream of mushroom soup. 

Cooking at home is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. There are many delicious recipes to try out online and who knows how many you’ll find your new favorite dish. The goal is to try to cook as many meals as you can at home whether that means cooking 3 times a day or 3 times a week. If you’re in a time crunch and need to grab fast food, try to include some sort of supplement in your diet to balance out fast food and staying healthy. A great way to ensure you find the best supplement for your lifestyle is to look at online reviews, such as a Le-Vel Thrive Review.

Lose Weight By Visualizing

Close your eyes. Picture yourself as a thinner person. Don’t let limiting thoughts get in your way. Keep breathing and let those limiting thoughts slip away into the air. Do this every day. 

Visualizing is a powerful way of getting what you want out of life. It also helps keep you focused. You won’t lose weight by sitting around and daydreaming about weighing less. You’ll have to work a lot too. 

Final Notes

You’ll notice this article says nothing about exercise. Exercising is important, but eating right is much, much more important. Weight loss is about 80% what you eat and 20% how you exercise.

This article also says nothing about surgery or dangerous weight loss pills. Those are not healthy ways to lose weight.

Finally, whatever your size is, just smile. If you smile enough, this summer won’t be a bummer.