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Diversifying Your Fitness

You diversify your investments for safety and you can diversify your fitness routine for the exact same reason. Having lots of different ways to stay fit helps make it easier to stay fit.

Mini Workouts

Instead of (or, if at all possible, in addition to) a big trip to the gym and a major workout session, try including small fitness moments throughout your day. That can look like any number of things. There are plenty of five-minute bodyweight exercises that you can do in the office or even at your desk. There are also lots of small choices you can make that will have a cumulative effect. For example, you can walk to the store instead of driving, or take the stairs instead of the elevator, if possible. 

Team Sports

Pick up your football helmets or baseball gloves and take up team sports again. Team sports are great ways to stay for because they combine physical activity with a social and competitive element. You combine physical activity with socializing and you have built-in accountability buddies to hold you to your goals. Check out local clubs and see if any of them appeal to you. 


You might also like to sign up for an event like your local marathon, half-marathon or 5k. This will give you something big to engage with and work towards. Having a concrete goal and a deadline can be extremely motivational. On top of that, many marathon-style events are designed to raise money for a cause or awareness about a problem. They’re excellent ways to become more involved in your community while simultaneously helping you with your fitness goals. 


If these elements appeal, but you’re not into either team sports or big events, you can also get involved with fitness challenges on social media and let the spirit of competition drive you forward. Like team sports, there’s a social element here, but like events it also gives you a goal to work towards and a deadline to reach. The other advantage of challenges like this is that they are year round, and you can even design your own. There are many creative challenges, like the “Walk to Mordor” challenge, where contestants are challenged to track their steps and walk the same distance as Frodo on his journey to Mordor.

Self Expression

If you’re more of an artistic than an athletic sort then you might try a dance class. This way, fitness and artistic self expression are combined in one neat package. This is particularly great for people who don’t like exercise, as it doesn’t really feel like exercise. Dance is also great for flexibility and strength training, as well. There are even gyms that offer classes in dance that is designed to also be cardio exercise, but part of the joy of dancing is that you can do it any time the music plays, even if you’re alone in your house. Sometimes it’s better, and more fun if you’re alone in your house.  

Social Media

Social media is another great way to get involved in fitness. With friends, you can have a support system. By combining that with social media, it becomes a support network that you can carry around in your pocket. This often combines well with fitness challenges and events. There are whole apps geared towards fitness, even games where you level up by completing exercise challenges and reaching your fitness goals. 

By diversifying your fitness plan, you make that plan more stable. This way, if any one activity falls apart or becomes untenable for any reason, there are lots of other activities you can turn to.