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Discover the Health Benefits of Agar Powder

Agar also called Kanten is nothing but a gelling agent derived from a Southeast Asian plant or seaweed. It’s also used in powder form as well as used as a culinary component, a vegan substitute for gelatin. Agar is used as a thickening agent in fruit preserves, soup, ice cream, and many other desserts. The plant nutrient also comes with many health benefits, one of which is that it promotes digestive health. 

According to an article published on HuffPost, there are many ways to improve your gut health with food. Read on to learn about some of the health rewards of agar powder. 

Helps in weight loss

Besides boosting digestive health, a couple of studies indicate that the fiber content in agar helps you shed excess weight around your waist. The reason is the fiber moving gradually via your digestive tract, thus improving satiety and reducing your cravings. Consequently, when you fill full, you eat less and lose weight eventually. 

Based on the findings of the Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital’s Department of Internal Medicine, agar helps in keeping people full for a long time. Another study showed that using agar supplements for 12 weeks led to a considerable weight loss in 76 overweight people in comparison to a control group. 

Helps in preventing anemia 

Anemia is an ailment in which the human body does not have sufficient and healthy red blood cells. The common symptoms are extreme tiredness, dizziness, and breathlessness due to iron deficiency. Did you know that one ounce of agar powder provides 33 percent of iron that humans require in a day? Taking agar helps in the production of red blood cells and cuts back on the risks related to anemia. Make sure you take agar together with vitamin C and iron foods like fresh vegetables and fruits to improve iron absorption in the body. 

Helps in making your bones stronger 

Health conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia are common as you get older, leading to loss of bone density. If the condition aggravates, it can lead to stature changes and even increased chances of bone fractures. 

Agar has many essential nutrients playing a crucial role in improving your bone health, including calcium, especially to make your teeth and bone tissues stronger. Agar also has loads of manganese, which is a nutrient key required for bone formation and health. If you’re deficient in manganese, it would affect your bone metabolism and reduce bone synthesis. 

The best substitute for gelatin 

Agar is the perfect vegan substitute for gelatin and derived from a plant source. The nutrient therefore, makes it ideal for vegetarians and people with vegan diets, as well as other food restrictions. 

Agar is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, and therefore makes it easy for use. The plant-based nutrient is more firm than gelatin. You can use agar as a vegan option to thicken food and prepare all things like puddings, gummies, as well as panna cotta. 

Final words 

The plant nutrient has numerous health benefits including digestive, loss of weight, and healthy blood sugar levels. Stay healthy. Take agar powder with lots of water to avoid swallowing problems.