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Changing up Your Life A Guide to Becoming A New You

Becoming a new person with new goals needn’t be left for the New Year. In fact, placing too much emphasis on the beginning of the year not only places too much pressure on us in a limited space of time, but it gives us a year to avoid making lifestyle changes.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways of approaching the ‘new me’ lifestyle that will make it less burdensome and much easier to achieve.                                                 

Don’t be swayed by relapses

Adapting new habits is never an easy task. Deciding to completely alter the way you live can be incredibly difficult, and so it’s sometimes inevitable that we will relapse on the path to improvement. For example, if your resolution was to change your diet of beer and pizza to a lifestyle that’s packed full of fruit and vegetables, don’t beat yourself up for making the odd trip to an Italian carryout after a bad day. If you’re really, really craving your old favorite, and can’t bear the thought of missing out, then there’s also another option, which leads onto the next point.

Find helpful substitutes

Not everyone does well going cold turkey, in fact, it’s been proven not to be very effective. Therefore, finding a substitute that’s much better for you, or weaning yourself off much more slowly is a better and more realistic way of approaching reform. For example, if you’re a pizza lover but don’t want to go back to an unhealthy deep-pan, try making your own from scratch. That way you can pick healthy toppings, and you know exactly what went into making it. Or, if you used to smoke tobacco, perhaps switch to vaping. You can find starter kits and fun-flavored cartridges from most online shops, such as

Be nice to yourself

One of the best things you can do for yourself when undergoing a big lifestyle change is to be incredibly kind to yourself in the process. Starting from a point of negativity will not help the process follow a positive path – choose to embrace yourself rather than berate yourself. One way of doing this is by treating yourself to a small makeover, such as getting a haircut.   

Find support

Whether you’re trying to find a new career or eat fewer carbs, finding support will prove useful for keeping you on track. Keeping peers or mentors close to you will pick you up when you’re feeling down and encourage you to take those extra steps forwards. They will also give you experience and advice from personal history, which is more than a spot of Googling could offer you.

Try to remember during the process of becoming a new person that you will not magically become the person you imagine in your imagination. Unrealistic standards perpetuated by the media can give us an over-active imagination when it comes to what is possible. However, reforming your diet, quitting cigarettes and job-hunting could be enough to make you feel like an entirely new person.