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    Can You Really Achieve Fitness by Following YouTube Channels?

    I love receiving guest posts. Cassie Phillips at eHealthInformer.com shares an awesome article with us below on how viable YouTube may be in achieving your health and fitness goals. Thanks for the awesome article Cassie! Everyone knows the health benefits of exercise. Not only does it help you maintain a healthy weight, it also reduces your risks …

  • Top 5 Must-Do Body Exercises You Can't Ignore

    Top 5 Must-Do Body Exercises You Can’t Ignore

    New guest post from down under. Emily Brathen is a certified personal trainer in Australia who recently contacted me to write for ChrisRyanFitness. Thanks for your contribution Emily and keep on positively impacting the world! Although many people do not realize the many benefits of body exercises, body exercises have a lot of benefits. In …

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    Editorial Feature in the November issue of Men’s Fitness

    It is always an honor to have an editorial in one of the best Health & Fitness Magazines in the world…thank you Men’s Fitness for a great editorial on “pumping up the guns” in the November issue…on newsstands now!

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    New Sprint workout: “The Sprinting Bear”

    When you say the word “running” to the average guy at the gym who is pumping up his guns in the mirror, he naturally looks at you with a laughable sneer. It’s true, for many reasons guys at the gym hate running workouts. Why? The term “running” to them means slogging through endless slow mileage …