• Indoor Lateral Speed Workout

    “There is track speed and there is game speed.” This is a favorite phrase a color commentator usually says just after a speedster on the football field gets laid out by a linebacker after trying to run straight through them. The ability to be “athletic” with your running technique is important for anyone partaking in sports. …

  • Men’s Health Editorial Feature May 2015 Issue

    Always a pleasure working with team from Men’s Health. Some great features in the May issue for the Fitness Awards Editorial. Available on newsstands now.

  • 5 Reasons to Start Running Backwards NOW!

    Nearly every sport incorporates backward running, yet most people never practice it. Get fast and athletic with backwards sprints — the time is now to get your backpedal on! Check out the details in my latest post with nxtlevelphysique.com by clicking here.

  • Hotel Gym Workouts

    Just because you travel a lot does not mean you have to miss great workouts. Hey, I commiserate with you guys; I travel a lot too, but that does not mean I miss having a great workout. In fact, I am writing this article as I am flying for work right now thinking of crushing …