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Can You Overcome Your Fitness Plateau?

Can You Overcome Your Fitness Plateau?

When you start an exercise program, you likely feel a level of enthusiasm that maintains itself for a while. Often, the visible results gained from a diet and exercise program contribute to this enthusiasm. Things work out well for a while, but the human body invariably reaches a plateau. At this point, you may lose interest in your exercise sessions. Don’t fall into this trap!

Plateaus refer to those points where progress appears stalled. Dealing with plateaus is common for anyone interested in long-term fitness. Don’t assume overcoming plateaus is impossible, though. With the right approach, you might find a plateau easy to hurdle over.

Take a One-on-One Session

If you like to exercise by yourself, that is fine. One issue of concern here is you might not know how to defeat your plateaus by yourself. Working with a personal trainer, even for only a few sessions, might help you break an unwanted plateau. A personal trainer may have insights into what to do to leap over any barriers to your progress. Personal trainers deal with many people, so they develop unique perspectives into what might work.

Change Up Your Exercise Sessions

The human body tends to become used to a particular workout routine. The same old stimulus won’t deliver desirable results. The body doesn’t need to be stuck on a plateau, but the person who is working out places it on one by not changing up an exercise routine. The great Arnold Schwarzenegger considered changing up routines to be a critical part of his successful Mr. Olympia training. Consider that a tremendous endorsement.

Start Improving Your Diet

The fitness-minded sometime put too much thought into the physical exercises they perform. A common saying among the best fitness pros is “You can’t out train a bad diet.” A poor diet undermines weight loss and other health-related goals. Cleaning up your diet could help you travel past an annoying plateau.

Read up on the positives associated with specific foods and supplements. Look at the benefits of chlorella, whey protein, and more. Chlorella comes with scores of antioxidants. Whey protein helps build muscle. Research other foods and supplements, and seek out information on the best nutritional support you can get.

Read Up on Sports and Motivational Psychology

The body often follows the mind. If you become bored with your workout routines and lack the proper mental motivation, you won’t put in the necessary effort to achieve continual results. Reading sports psychology books could help you perform visualization drills. Picture yourself achieving your goals. You could change your mental state to follow a path to that result. Motivational books do the same thing. Look for insights and advice on how to get out of a workout funk.

Without your head in the game, you won’t likely see any differences. A bored mind travels the same tired physical path. Shake up mind, and the body may follow.

Avoid Any Overtraining

Training harder may help you overcome a plateau, but going too hard will make things worse. Trying to do more than what your body is physically capable is a path to doom. Mentally, you could become even more tired due to the strain on the body. Of course, you also risk physical injuries as well. Pushing yourself too hard is rarely ever a good plan. Sometimes, the body wants its rest and recuperation.

Taking pre-workout supplements and other stimulants to get through hard workouts is also ill-advised. Some suffered adverse health effects from overdoing it with stimulants. These “gray market” products may do more harm than good. That’s why the FDA pulls many off the market.

No one wants to find him/herself on a fitness plateau. Plateaus, however, happen. You don’t need to be locked into one. With the right effort and attitude, overcoming a plateau may be possible. Just take the initiative to hurdle one!