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Can You Grow Muscles Without Going to a Gym?

You most definitely can build up some muscles without spending a small fortune on a gym membership. This won’t be easy and you’ll need to exercise a lot as well as being mindful of your diet. Depending upon the size of your budget, you will also need to either make or buy some equipment. The precise outcome of following such a regime will vary and might never be the equal of the benefits that working with a personal trainer could have provided. However, if you are aiming for good muscle definition instead of just bulk, you’ll be able to achieve this at home with no difficulty.

How to Gain Muscles Without a Gym: Exercising

First of all, it is important to understand that you cannot grow muscles without exercising. Any source claiming the opposite is simply not telling you the truth. It is possible to lose weight without working out as the majority of such change is the result of diet. However, it is impossible to grow muscles through eating alone.

If you aren’t going to a gym, your access to weight training equipment will be very limited. Therefore you should learn to master bodyweight exercises and perform them daily. These exercises offer great physical benefits and results that will be as close to the ones you can get through weight training with specialized equipment as possible. This type of exercising is also completely free and requires no effort on your part in terms of creating DIY fitness tools. This makes them extremely convenient because with a good bodyweight workout you will be able to stay in shape even when traveling.

Are you one of the millions of people who want to grow muscle in order to lose weight? Strength training is extremely efficient for this purpose, so any weight training you do will certainly help you to achieve your goal. However, to get truly great results without a gym membership you’ll need to create a home gym and start exercising regularly there. Fortunately for you, the majority of weight loss equipment also helps with home training for building muscle. Dumbbells and an exercise bench should be the first on your list of home weight loss equipment for losing weight whilst developing muscle definition.

If your budget is very limited, you can create basic tools (think dumbbells and barbells) using different stuff found in any house. From plastic water bottles filled with rocks to act as dumbbells to a barbell using old child’s bike wheels as weights, the options available to you are almost unlimited.

Best exercises for growing muscles at home:

  1. Burpees
  2. Running
  3. Crunches
  4. Lunges
  5. Push-ups
  6. Triceps dips

Note that you should use weights when performing these for maximum muscle-growing effect.

You also shouldn’t forget that the fact that you aren’t working out on specialized machines in the gym doesn’t mean you can skip rest days. You can overwork yourself just as easily with nothing but everyday yoga or aerobics. The reasons for having a rest day are mostly health-related. Pushing yourself too far increases the risk of injury.

In addition, overworking when you are trying to build muscles actually prevents you from achieving your goal. Muscle tissue needs time to recuperate and grow after training. That’s why you need not only to have a day free of training in a week but also to work different muscle groups every day. This way the period between loads on a specific muscle group will be the longest, thus meaning your tissues will best be able to recuperate.

Growing Muscles Without a Gym: Diet

Of course, when growing muscles without going to a gym you will need all the help you can get. This means introducing specialized supplements into your diet. Whey protein, omega 3 and L-glutamine are some of the options you should consider. Each supplement has a unique effect, which means you might need to take several to achieve the best results.

Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any pills, regardless of how ‘natural’ and ‘harmless’ they are. You should always approach dietary change with extreme care, especially if you take any medications or have a chronic health condition.

Aside from extra supplements, your diet doesn’t require any major changes if you are already eating healthily. If you are not, you do need to switch to a well-balanced meal plan that will provide you with all the essential nutrients.

You can increase the amount of protein you consume but be sure it is well-balanced with carbs because, contrary to popular belief, you actually need both these macronutrients in order to build muscle tissue.

It is essential to drop refined carbs (white flour, sugar, etc.) and other unhealthy foods from your diet if you want to make any positive changes to your physique. Research indicates that it is impossible to “outrun a bad diet”. Therefore unless you stop eating these things, a lot of the hard work which you put into your exercising will go to waste.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat any unhealthy foods at all. Please, continue to enjoy a slice of cake at a party or on a special occasion. However, don’t allow this indulgence to turn into a habit and ruin the muscle definition that you’ve worked so hard for.

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