• My wife hitting the squat rack. Go Denise! ❤️💪

    Women, It’s Time To Trade Cardio For Weights!

    I love featuring guest blogs from my fans; even more so when they come from far away lands like Denmark. This one comes from my friends at RunnerClick.com authored by Jane Grates who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jane is an entrepreneur, wife and ultramarathon distance runner. She spends most of her time on runnerclick.com, monicashealthmag.com & nicershoes.com. …

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    New Men’s Fitness Editorial

    Honored as always to be featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine for the November issue on newsstands now!  Editorial coverage in not only one, but two awesome articles: 1) a strength training workout designed with UFC fighters in mind and 2) a great article on perfecting you supplement stack. Go pick up your copy today!

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    Men’s Fitness October Issue Editorial

    Making an appearance alongside my good friend and fitness writer extraordinaire, Sean Hyson, in the October issue of Men’s Fitness. Nothing like a heavy weight to pop your sleeves off and make your arms look big! 😄 Stay STRONG my friends.  

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    The Kaizen Fitness Method: Combat the Procrastinator in You

    I am contacted by a lot of fitness professionals who are making their way in the health and fitness industry. Recently, I was contacted by Paul VanDyken of Rigorfitness.com who wanted to write an article on the Kaizen method, or continuous improvement, and how it relates to fitness. I was impressed enough with his article …