• Made the List of Top Fitness Writers to Follow

    It’s always great to be acknowledged by your peers, especially when they include NY Times bestsellers! Check out this article by Accept Fitness featuring ChrisRyanFitness on “17 Informative and Genuine Fitness Bloggers You Should Know” . Thank you to all the readers out there for your continued support.

  • Video example of how I train

    People often ask me how I train. Sometimes, my explanations fall on blank stares. So let me just show you an example of what I do to get in great shape. Hint: it involves weights, power, strength, intervals and working on your anaerobic threshold. Check out this video I recently did for nxtlevelphysique.com and let …

  • New Workout: Even the Odds

    Even/Odd Minute interval workouts are one of my favorite ways to program for clients. The workouts are fun and challenging, but one things is for sure: they burn a ton of calories and get you ripped! Check out an example of a great workout I recently posted with nxtlevelphysique.com here.

  • Match Your Rep Schemes To Your Training Goals

    How many people do you know who do 3 sets of 10 at the gym on every exercise, yet complain about not getting stronger or plateauing all the time? It’s time to train with your end goal in mind by matching your rep scheme to your training goals. Check out my recent post to nxtlevelphysique.com …