• New video to help out your tights wrists and forearms

    Tight wrists and forearms? Check out this video I did for nxtlevelphysique.com which shows you 3 simple stretches to increase your wrist and forearm flexibility–providing you further mobility with everything from your front squats to your golf game and your backhand on the tennis court. Click the video link here and get mobile now!

  • It’s Time to Front Squat Properly

    Many people avoid one of the best exercises you could do in the gym: front squats. Why? Most people avoid learning the simple fundamentals of this phenomenal exercise because it seems hard or they may lack the mobility in the front rack position.  They are denying themselves a stronger core, legs, glutes and back by …

  • Free Workout: Advanced Level Push vs. Pull

    Are you guilty of not using your time efficiently at the gym? What about missing out on overall body development while you target train? If you fit either one of these categories, then it is time to hit every muscle group with a fun interval workout I designed for www.nxtlevelphysique.com. The concentration of this workout …

  • Strong Like Popeye

    To eat cooked or raw spinach, that is the question. No matter which method you choose, it’s time to get strong like Popeye by eating this green Superfood. Check out my latest guest post for www.nxtlevelphysique.com here which discusses the best ways to eat spinach for maximum nutrients.