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The Best Types of Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss

If you train like a distance runner, you will get a distance runner’s body, but if you train like a sprinter you will get a sprinter’s body. Which do you prefer? Lean and little muscle or lean and lots of muscle? You have to check out my newest article contribution for Men’s Fitness Magazine, “The Best Types of Cardio for Fat Loss,” by Jenn Sinrich as it contains some very insightful ways to do cardio.

I know the difference between a distance runner’s body and a sprinter’s body very well. I have been both; but I tell you what it’s a hell of a lot more fun and functional to train more like a sprinter: the workouts are quicker, more functional, burn more fat and build more muscle! I saw the light 20 years ago when I was a skinny overtrained middle distance runner at The University of Florida and thankfully the mainstream media has been accepting of it as well over the last few years.

For many reasons, long, boring steady state cardio has become mainstream over the years, but thankfully the world is coming to grips that HIIT, and more traditional interval style training is the way to your most functional and yes, your best-looking physique yet. Enjoy the article my friends!