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Best Places to Inspire Strength and Mindfulness

When you think about the perfect place to live in or travel to, you rarely think of urban cities if what you are looking for is to rest in a calm atmosphere. Our association with the word “city” is almost always smog, dirt, noise and crowd. However, we can be very wrong, because many cities have started investing in greenery, parks and calm, serene places that serve as an oasis in the middle of a chaotic rush. If we want to escape the fuss and stress of everyday life, these places are perfect for us.

And if you want to find out more about them, we can recommend some, so just keep on reading.

Spiritual journey on every trip

One of the main reasons people travel is because they want to enrich their knowledge about a certain culture, they want to visit places that make them feel as if they were traveling through time and they want to rest. With every trip, you can learn so much if you know how. One of those destinations is Singapore. Although Singapore is very populated, it has nevertheless got the title of the greenest city of Asia. Not many people know that Singapore has many water sport activities to offer. Kayaking, windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding are just some of them.

Choosing a sustainable hotel to fit the spiritual journey

If anything mentioned sounds appealing enough there are amazing hotel offers in Singapore that will make your stay there unforgettable. If you are wondering what that means, many hotels have efficient ways of dealing with energy and water consumption, making their usage way lower. It may not be important to you, but just think about how much energy is used in hotels during the year. Cutting down on using artificial lighting is also something that is often used. What’s more, even certain research shows that natural lightning during the day is better for the eyesight, so there you have it: a win-win situation. All of these sustainability projects might cost a lot but they are definitely worth it at the end.

The world has joined in on the project

It seems convenient to mention New York as well when talking about a mindful place to live in or travel to. New York is considered a center of fashion, industry, big companies and businessmen. It also provides a home to many, making it a bit hard to create a place you can run away to. However, New York still managed to do just that. You get the feeling that the whole city wanted to run away from the crowd and noise, thus creating Central Park. It is a perfect place for an outdoor workout session, jogging or practicing any group sport. Surrounded by the city itself, it creates an oasis that is great for yoga lovers. The fresh air and nature alone will have so many benefits on both your mind and body.

Although we have to agree that even there you can’t have peace and quiet, it is a good start. Other such places you can relax in are galleries, retreats and spa centers and any place that offers religious activities if that is something you practice.

On the other hand, a place that is associated with calmness, mindfulness and rest is India. It is a place of meditation with many retreats you can go to and feel happy, content and peaceful. Each of these offers an escape from everyday life, distancing yourself from all technology, and getting in touch with nature. It will maybe take some time to learn how to shut off all the sounds of urban cities, but once you do it, you will experience tranquility. Besides spiritual practices, these are often sights of rich cultural heritage so you will be able to learn something in the process.  

You can find mindfulness everywhere around you

You don’t have to travel to a distant, exotic destination to experience mindfulness. If you look around you, there is definitely a place like that in your home town or country. It can be the simplest place you maybe never noticed before. A secluded park, a forest, a small lake with ducks swimming around or countryside with animals and fresh air all around you. Many activities will have the same effect, so consider fishing, jogging or reading a book outdoors if that is something you enjoy.

Mindfulness and strength, in essence, come from the inside. Training your mind to enjoy silence and rest may be a long process simply because we are used to being in a hurry and living fast-paced lives. Since you have to get to a state of mind where you can turn off the noise and the world around you, what better place to do it than a green, eco-friendly one?