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Best Outdoor, Adventures and Extreme Sports

A lot of people believe that enjoying extreme sports is nothing more than putting yourself in harm’s way, nonetheless, there are those for who this is a lifestyle. So, what do people get from these sports? First of all, there’s the satisfaction of challenging yourself and overcoming adversity.

Second, there are all sorts of physical and mental health benefits, like strengthening your body, building up your strength and endurance, as well as battling stress. Still, what are some of the best outdoor adventures and extreme sports for you to try? Well, here are six suggestions.


The first outdoor, adventurous, extreme sport that we will start from is the so-called paragliding. The idea of soaring through the skies, admiring the view all around is simply unparalleled. Other than experiencing a sensation that few people ever do, there are numerous benefits to this sport. For instance, paragliding is known to help you develop stronger core muscles, thus improving your posture.

Keep in mind that you don’t really have to do this on your own. The concept of para taxi means that you get to partner up with a seasoned paraglider in order to enjoy this experience. This is simpler, safer and makes the experience available even to people who aren’t that confident just yet.    

Shark diving

Shark diving is considered by a lot of people to be the most extreme water sport in the world. It’s basically scuba diving with sharks, which means that the sport is filled with adrenaline-inducing situations. Naturally, this isn’t for everyone, even in scenarios where there’s a cage involved.

Shark teeth are still quite sharp and the danger is only several inches away. For those more advanced and courageous, cage-free shark diving is the next level. This, on the other hand, is something that not a lot of people can do.


The perks of hunting are quite numerous, actually. First of all, it’s not just an activity, it’s a survival skill that has been deeply embedded in our nature for eons. The thing is that, contrary to popular belief, hunting does help balance the ecosystem. You see, in some areas, the deer breed so fast that they rapidly cause overpopulation in a certain area.

For this reason, hunters can help bring balance by killing a few hundreds of them every single year. Just keep in mind that this is a sport that requires some special prerequisites. For instance, you need to have a proper gun, a license and a decent handgun safe in your household.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an exciting outdoor activity where you are trying to conquer nature using your skill, endurance and physical strength. Apart from giving you a chance to display your courage and physical prowess, rock climbing also reduces stress, improves flexibility and helps you conquer some of your biggest fears.

This can be done in gyms, but it can also be practiced in various locations across the country. Overall, it also gives you a chance to make new friends and hang out with people who share similar interests.

Cavern diving

For those who are 100 percent sure that they’re not claustrophobic, cavern diving might just be the thing to do. Sure, this requires some training and specialized scuba equipment, which means that it’s not as easy to start out as with some other entries on this list.

Also, keep in mind the fact that cavern diving isn’t something that you should do on your own, at least not until you get enough experience. Still, the experience is both unique and rewarding, seeing as how each trip feels like a completely unique adventure.


What are your options if you can’t afford to leave the urban environment in order to exercise some of these extreme sports, yet, you still want adrenaline and you still want to spend some time outside? Well, free-running or parkour is probably your safest bet. First of all, it allows you to move freely across the city and develop a creative and athletic way of overcoming any obstacle.

As far as the adrenaline goes, some of the bigger obstacles can be quite risky to overcome. The benefit lies in the fact that it can be practiced virtually anywhere and that there’s no extra equipment required. 


The very last thing you need to understand is the fact that both outdoor adventures and extreme sports usually require a special location or a specific time of the year. This makes them even more exclusive and interesting, seeing as how the waiting period and the preparation stage actually increase your desire and anticipation. The list goes on and on.