Going outsde in the autumn requires some special autumn skin-care-essentials .

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Autumn skin-health essentials

Autumn is the season of changing colours, falling leaves and warmer clothes, but it’s also the perfect time to reinvent your skincare routine. From sun spots and hyperpigmentation induced by sunbathing to dryness and dehydration caused by travelling, summer can drastically impact the way our skin looks and feels. Whether you want to repair that damaged skin during the transitional weather or you simply want to prepare your complexion for the upcoming seasons, here are some effective ways you can boost your autumn skincare routine:

Cleanse your skin gently

Essential for keeping the skin clean and free of built-up dirt and makeup, cleansing your skin twice a day is one part of your skincare routine that doesn’t need to be changed for autumn. However, instead of foaming gel cleansers you might have used during summer, it would be a good idea to opt for milk or cream cleansers when the temperatures drop, as they are gentle enough to be used throughout the colder months, while reducing dryness and flakiness and providing your skin with some much-needed hydration.

Exfoliate less often

Photo by Amplitude Magazin on Unsplash

As the weather gets colder, we tend to spend less time out in the sun where we’re exposed to pore-clogging elements, such as dirt, sand and salty water, which is why there’s no need to exfoliate as often in autumn as you did during the past few months. Even if you think that exfoliation can help get rid of dry and flaky autumn skin, it will actually exacerbate it. So, skip on that physical scrub that is too harsh on your skin during transitional weather, and exfoliate your skin once a week with gentler chemical peels that will help you maintain a healthy and radiant complexion.

Up your hydration game

As the temperatures drop, humidity levels fall as well, causing our skin to lose moisture to the air around us. That is why it’s best to swap out your lightweight summer moisturizer with a thicker, heavier cream with lipids and ceramides that prevent moisture loss and help renew the skin. It might also be a good idea to incorporate a hyaluronic acid serum into your autumn skincare routine, as it’s the ideal way to provide your skin with additional hydration, while acting as an extra layer of protection against environmental factors and keeping your skin soft and supple all throughout autumn. It should go without saying that adding an extra few crouches to your fitness regimen and introducing some nutritious dietary boosters like a wpi whey protein isolate can keep the oiliness during the feast season under control. 

Add a moisturizing body lotion

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The colder and dryer autumn air doesn’t only affect the skin on your face – your whole body might start to feel dry, flaky and itchy due to the loss of moisture. If you want to avoid this and keep your skin plump and hydrated, apply a generous amount of a thicker lotion or cream every time you leave the shower. To protect some of the most sensitive parts of your body, extend the lotion to both your hands and your feet, and don’t forget to apply a hydrating lip balm every day to keep your lips smooth and luscious.

Don’t stop applying sunscreen

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to skincare is only wearing sunscreen during summer. Even though it might not seem like it, our skin can actually be damaged by harmful sun rays all year round, which is why SPF is the most important part of any skincare routine, and should never be swapped out for another product. If regular sunscreens feel too thick and heavy on your skin, especially in autumn, you might want to consider swapping them out for a mineral-based SPF that’s more lightweight and breathable, and sits perfectly under a makeup base.

As the transitional period, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate your skin, helping it feel more smooth, hydrated and ready for whatever winter has in store.