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Athletically Training Your Body

You are preparing for your first 5k run or long distance bike ride. There are certain changes to your training schedule and your diet that will improve your performance. Here are a few things you can do to increase your endurance.

Get the Right Balance

Add extra protein to your diet to increase and repair your muscles. While you can do this by eating a protein bar, you can also eat nuts, eggs or peanut butter to accomplish this. Do what you can to to eat as clean as possible. Eliminate as much processed sugar as you can. Prepare as many meals as you can at home and make them naturally. This means eat items that are naturally grown instead of being processed.

Taking Care Of Your Muscles

Making sure your body is ready for every workout is as important as fueling the inside of it. Stretch every time you plan to work out, even if you are just lifting weights. If you do pull something or feel a tinge of discomfort, use a salve that will heal n soothe the affected part. Once you are done training, take time to cool down and let your muscles return to normal. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep from cramping. If you do get hurt, see a trainer immediately for assessment so you can minimize the time you are down. Follow their instructions to the letter and follow through with any rehabilitation even after you are cleared to return to practice. Indulge in a massage or an ice bath after a workout every once in awhile to pamper your body and keep it healthy while training.

Make Eating An Important Part Of Your Day

Ensure that you take time to eat when meal time comes. It may be easy to skip breakfast, especially if you are busy. However, your body needs fuel every part of the day. Grab a protein bar or shake to get calories into your body and get a great start to your day. You might consider eating multiple smaller meals throughout the day instead of the standard three times a day. Larger meals might make you feel sluggish and less likely to want to work out. Little amounts of food will keep your metabolism burning and you will feel energized and ready to go.

Track Your Progress

Record each of your workouts in a journal to see your progress as you get closer to your competition date. Write down everything whether it is endurance training or weight lifting. This will prevent you from overtraining and getting injured or falling short of your goal since you were unaware of your progress. Also keep track of your dietary intake by jotting it down on the same day as your workout. This lets you study what foods work best for you to give you optimum performance and which meals you may want to skip until your competition is over.

Schedule Yourself Some Downtime

While you might think that the more you train the better you will be, this train of thought might do more harm than good. Take time to relax so that your muscles have time to repair themselves and that you can take your mind off the stress of training. Keep one day of the week set aside specifically as a rest day and keep from endurance or lifting. Arrange your day so that you have a full night’s sleep and catch a cat nap when you can if your schedule allows. Also, give yourself one meal a week to indulge in a food you want to eat. While this may be less than nutritious, it keeps you from giving into your cravings at the wrong time. Pamper yourself when you can with little luxuries. Your body is undergoing quite a bit with such rigorous training. Giving yourself a reward or two will make it more ofca joy than a punishment.