11 Affordable Ways To Stay Fit Without The Gym

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Want to lose weight but too broke to hit the gym? Don’t you worry, we have got your back!

Losing weight does not have to be expensive all the time. There are countless ways of staying fit without going to the gym. Spending on unnecessary and expensive gym equipment seems pointless here.

If you are lazy and don’t like working out, we have a solution for that too.

Getting in shape is not an easy task, but our top 11 picks for staying healthy and fit will change your mind.

So, enlighten yourself to all the cheap ways to stay fit without having to spend a fortune!

1. Drink Water. Lots and Lots and Lots!

Rule number 1: Drink water, plain, and simple water – and lots of it!. Drink around 2 liters of water every day and you’ll soon see visible changes in your body.

Second, swear-off to drinking any sweetened beverages. It will not only save you from consuming tons of calories, but it will also save you money.

Replace soda water with actual water. If you get tired of drinking plain water and need a change of flavor, try detox water. You can also drink fresh juice once a day with no sugar.

2. Work Out At Home

There’s no better exercise than giving a solid 30 minutes to working out at home. Try some free-hand exercises, squats, crunches, or other workout routines that suit your weight loss goals.

If you go to the gym, you will probably waste 10 minutes on taking mirror selfies for your Instagram account or talking to your gym buddies.

Whereas at home, you will solely focus on working out and that’ll make your exercise routine more effective and less time-consuming.

Wake up, workout, take a shower and carry on with your day. You’ll feel brisk and rejuvenated.

3. Download A Good Workout App In Your Phone

Use your smartphone and download a good workout app rather than just watching dank memes all day long.

The constant notifications will guilt-trip you to work on those crunches and push-ups.

God bless the digital era!

4. Cut Down On Junk Food

Please stop binge-watching shows on Netflix while chewing on all those munchies! For the love of your health, get your act together and cut down on junk food.

You know where does all your extra cheesy beef delight go to? Your waistline, fam! Say no to fried and oily food too.

Opt for boiled veggies and salads for a while. Replace that pack of chips with a bowl of fruits.

Will it be difficult? Yes, but be dedicated to this diet. You can’t become fit and healthy if you lack determination.

5. Watch Some Exercise Videos

In this day and age, it’s not hard to find videos that show various exercise techniques.

Go online and see the ones which are made by professional fitness instructors, not those Insta celebs. Also, make sure you know which exercises fit your needs.

You can also join a few exercise forums and ask if you’re confused about something. Learn more which exercise affects different muscle groups in the body and apply it in real life.

6. Run. Go For Jogging!

It’s not easy to “Run” away from reality, eh? You can try, but can’t hide those flabs.

So it’s better that you run by the ark, go out on jogs outside. Running with nature can be an excellent way to get fit and find mental peace.

Even if that’s impossible, then run up and down your apartment stairs in sets. You’ll lose those extra pounds in weeks!

Don’t believe me? You will, once you try it.

7.   Try Learning A New Sport

Try out a new sport, like tennis or basketball. Play football even. It will keep you physically active and you can also get to learn something new.

Taking up a new sport will increase your extra-curricular skills while making you lose weight. It’ll make you more flexible and you won’t be bored either. Usually, when you have nothing to do, you end up sitting at home and eat.

You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to stay fit. As long as you go out and move your body, you are good to go, little potato!

8.   Invest in A Few Home Equipments

Let’s face it, you don’t even use half the equipment when you take that membership subscription at your gym.

So, spending hundreds of dollars on preacher benches which you’d probably never use makes absolutely no sense. Better, buy a treadmill or an exercise bike and get in shape.

You can get some of the best home gym equipment deals on the internet, which can cost you maximum as your first month’s gym subscription fee. Buy one now!

9.   Eat Healthily. Make A Diet Plan. Stick To It.

Forget how others are planning their diets. It varies from person to person. So do not just starve yourself to death because you want to lose weight.

Some people lose weight drastically and some slowly. But keep in mind that any drastic weight loss is not good for your body.

Take it slow. Don’t torture your body or deprive it of healthy substitutes of your regular food items. Try substituting fried foods for grilled or boiled ones. It will cut down your oil consumption. Eat your greens, but don’t stop eating protein. Remember, the idea is to cut down on carbs, not your food intake entirely.

Counting calories will not benefit you either, you’ll just end up feeling fatigued the whole day. So, it’s important that you plan a proper, healthy, and wholesome diet.

10. Keep Your Routine Changing

Getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again? Change it. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one exercise routine. That way it will get monotonous.

Mix it up with some new workout techniques or some days just skip your everyday crunches for a stroll by the park.

Changing exercise routines will also ensure that you get an all-around exercise. It’ll take the focus off any single muscle group or body part and instead make your entire body fit.

11. Dance, dance, dance.

It really does not matter if you can’t dance. Just play some loud music and groove to it.

Staying fit does not have to be boring. So, dance like nobody’s watching until you’re drenched in sweat. Working out makes you release endorphins which as a result make you feel good and elevated.

Dancing not only helps you lose weight but also make you more flexible. Think of it as a way of practicing those Saturday night dance moves for the next time you hit the club.


Even after all of these, if you want to hit the gym, might as well go. But do keep in mind that no matter how regular you are at the gym, if you come home and order in a cheese burst pizza, it won’t exactly help.

It might seem difficult in the beginning, to follow the tips we mentioned above, but you will a hold of it in a few days. The first week will be a bit challenging, but then it gets really easy.

Just bear through the transition period and you’ll be all set to achieve that hot-bod in no time without hurting your wallet!


Author Bio:
Emily is a content writer at FeedFond. A flagbearer of organic eating and a fitness freak, she’s a healthcyclopedia. To read more of her articles, visit FeedFond.com.