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Build an Active Life that’ll Last a Lifetime

Everything we do today influences our health in the future. Every bad habit, every pack of cigarettes and lazy weekend spend in bad watching TV have their way of coming back and haunt us. While those days are still far away, the sooner we start avoiding bad habits, the better. When it comes to our body, nothing beats consistency. There’s no such thing as a magical exercise, universal diet or a magic trick that would beat the power of repeating. There are always ways to enhance your results, but not by skipping training or doing less. That is why the most important part of making an exercise plan is to actually like it. It is more likely that you won’t skip the training if your partner is waiting for you, or if your running tour goes through your favourite park. Here are some tips on how to introduce fitness routine in your life in a way that lasts forever.

Tailor your activities

There is no uniform type of exercise that is ultimately good for everyone. Running is overall great, but not if you have a bad ankle. Heavy lifting has its perks, but not if you had dislocated shoulder in the past or simply are not fond of this type of activity. Other than our body condition, there are several factors including our age, diet, everyday habits and responsibilities that influence heavily what type of exercise will fit us best. Do your research, listen to your body and try to find the best fit for your fitness.

Step by step

Every good habit takes time to stick around. If you didn’t have an exercise routine in a recent past, this is going to be a big change for your body. It won’t be easy, but don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t expect to be training every day, with no exceptions, all of the sudden like a professional. With this kind of approach, it is more likely to give up after a week. Try introducing these habits gradually, since they should last a lifetime. Make them essential but effortless part of your daily chores, like brushing teeth or taking out the trash. You don’t even realize that you do those things anymore, but you do. That is the force of habit.

Everything counts

As mentioned above, sometimes we have to skip training due to lack of time caused by job, house chores, maintaining a social life etc. But don’t dismiss your activity for that day. Riding a bike to the work or a store may not seem like much of an activity, but it actually is, and a good one. If you don’t have one already, go buy a bike and start compensating your exercise easy way. Do a couple of sit-ups while watching TV in the evening. Stretch a little while going up the stairs. Take your dog for a longer and more interactive walk in the park. Even simple walk by yourself can have multiple positive effects on your body.

Healthy diet

Now that your exercising started to grow on you, doesn’t mean you can start neglecting your healthy diet or ignore the fact that it’s midnight and you’re feeling like having some ice-cream. Make sure your diet is colourful enough to compensate every nutrition loss caused by exercising. If your training is more intense or you’re trying to manage some serious weight loss, consult a nutritionist. Never underestimate the power of supplements, as today’s fruit and vegetable don’t actually contain the number of vitamins they used to. And of course, be sure to have plenty, plenty of water.  

A glass of lemonade and two straws, please

Everything tends to be more appealing in a company, including the physical activity. It is easier to do some physically challenging exercises when we have someone by our side with the same aim. It’s more likely you won’t skip the training if someone is waiting for you at the said place. Even if your goals differentiate, you can help each other do the exercise properly, support each other in the moments of crisis and celebrate mutual success together. Whether you are a competitive or a team player type, you can only benefit from having a company.


Check your vitals

Although physical activity is unquestionably good for our health, be sure to follow the signs your body sends you. Check and record your blood pressure, cholesterol, levels of iron and sugar in the blood and resting heart rate over time. These numbers indicate the overall stage of your organism and can be very useful once you get older. By drawing blood on regular basis you can monitor your mineral and vitamin levels, and fit the diet accordingly. Not to mention that by doing so you will be one step ahead of every possible disease that may strike you in the future.

These are some universal pieces of advice, but everybody needs its own treatment. Paying attention to signs and listening to your body will give you the better directions than any kind of professional. Maybe results you gained are not actually what you aimed for, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Give yourself a proper amount of time, since you are not only trying to reach a certain goal, but to embrace the healthy habits that will last a lifetime.