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8 Biggest Fitness Myths and Facts


There are many conflicting ideas surrounding the weight loss process. Obviously, you might have received advice concerning fitness from your friends and gym buddies. Some of the information that they share might be true, but there are chances that many are going to be false.

Right now, there is a lot of information on fitness on the internet, but many of these pieces of information are baseless and false.

So, in this article, we are going to be exposing some of the biggest fitness myths.

Crunches are the key to flat abs

The first fitness myth we are going to debunk is the claim that crunches are the key to getting flat abs. For a long time, people have been told that if they did crunches, they would have a flat midsection. But the truth is that crunches don’t burn as many calories as you think. What this means is that they are not as effective as people think, especially when it comes to burning belly fat.

What you should do is to swap crunches with more intense abs exercise that engages your entire core.

The more you sweat, the more you burn


The second myth we are going to expose is the notion that if you sweat a lot during an activity, you are burning more calories. This myth is so far from the truth because you can burn a lot of calories without being totally drenched with sweat.

You don’t have to work out to the point that you are completely soaked, just because you want to burn more calories. All you need is good workout routine and a proper diet. Surely you may want to believe that sweating more will help you burn more calories but that is not true.

You need to focus on your core

A lot of athletes and trainers cling to the notion that having six packs shows that a person’s core is strong. A Study from the (ISD) indicates that a supercharged core has little or no correlation to performance.

Of course, core strength is essential, but it is not the major key to becoming the best in sports activities.

A right way you can strengthen your core is to add exercises like; deadlifts, kettlebell drills, and squats to your workout routine. But you must have it at the back of your mind that having a strong core does not improve your performance in sports and other activities.

Stretching helps you recover faster

The next myth we are going to discuss is- stretching quickens recovery. A study from the University of Milan shows that stretching after a workout does not speed up recovery time. The study also found out that there is no significant difference in blood lactate between people who stretch after they engage in a workout and those who don’t.

In all, stretching does not speed up recovery time. But stretching still has a lot of benefits. For starters, they improve flexibility levels and also play a major role increasing your balance.

If you want to recover quickly, ensure that you eat right and rest a lot. For some seniors who are under government Medicare programs, who want to recover soon, special medications are mainly used to aid them in recovering quickly.

Supplements help performance

A lot of athletes and fitness enthusiast bear the notion that there are special supplements that improve your performance while at the gym.

These so-called experts also believe that certain antioxidants contribute to cell damage. But science has shown that free radicals strengthens the muscles and improve general health.

In all, there are no magic pills that can improve your gym performance.

More gym time is better

Many people think that if you spend less than 45 min in the gym, you are not going to get any results. Obviously, this notion is untrue. Because of our busy routine, we hardly have time to work out for an hour or more.

What you need to have in mind is that the time you spend working out is not reciprocal with your results. In fact, some studies have shown that brief and intense workouts are better than longer ones.

A good way to lose weight is by eating less

There are a lot of information out there that if you reduce the number of calories you consume, you will lose weight. Studies have shown that this concept is far from the truth. You see, when you eat less, your metabolism slows down, and this will lead to fatigue and poor performance at the gym.

The best way to lose weight is through cardio

There are claims here and there that cardio is the best when it comes to weight loss. Reports have shown that low-intensity cardio is good, but not the most effective when it comes to losing weight.

The right and best way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism. And the best way to do this is through lifting heavy weights and engaging in HIIT exercise.

When you combine this with cardio, you are going to get mind-blowing results within a very short period.

In this article, we have been able to debunk eight fitness myths, but you should know that there are more out there. What you should do is to make deep research about any advice you receive so that they do not hinder your progress in the gym.