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6 Unique Ways to Improve Your Fitness

We all know about the usual ways of improving fitness – go to the gym, eat well, exercise regularly – and most of us follow those routines avidly and regularly. But what else is there we can do to improve fitness, perhaps things we can do in addition to those that are run of the mill, or things we can combine with our daily routine?

There are many things that each one of us can do on a regular or occasional basis to improve fitness, and several are so sensible you may wonder why you are not doing them already! Let’s have a look at a few, and see if we can inspire you to get even fitter than you are!

Get in the Garden

This is one of those suggestions that you may either balk at or be inspired by. Whether you have a large or a small garden, there are several reasons why gardening – even on a light scale – can aid your fitness. One is that if you are weeding you are on the move – the same with planting – and even a bit of light digging can help. Mowing the lawn regularly is a great way of taking a short walk – you’ve never looked at it like that before we reckon – and you get fresh air at the same time, and a beautiful garden!

Walk to the Shops

How often do you get in the car and drive half a mile to the local shop for a newspaper or some supplies? Why not walk instead? It’s an opportunity to get out and exercise that presents itself quite often, and in good weather, it’s a great way of getting those muscles moving. Better still, why not get a bike and cycle to the shops? There’s a lot to be said for leaving the car behind on occasion, after all!

Anti-Pollution Mask

This has probably not crossed your mind, but if you live, walk, run or cycle in a city or large town – or work in one – what are you breathing in when you are out among the traffic? Fumes of all kinds hang in the air and can cause many different health problems when you inhale them. The remedy is to wear an anti-pollution mask when running, cycling or just walking in polluted areas. They are cheap and effective, and may protect your lungs and other systems in ways you might not imagine. If you think you’ll look foolish, have a look around next time you’re in your nearest city – you’ll be surprised how many sensible people wear such masks.

Take the Kids Out for the Day

There are many benefits to you taking your kids out for a day; one is that you get to spend time with them, which may be difficult with your long working hours that leave you exhausted when you get home, and the other is that the kids will undoubtedly give you plenty of exercise! Family bonding is a great way to get fit and enjoy yourself, so check out local parks or even go further afield and have a day at the beach!

Go Swimming

This is one that may already apply to you, but people do tend to forget how effective swimming is at keeping muscles toned. It’s one of the best forms of exercise and there is sure to be a pool within easy reach of you, so why not take the family swimming, or go yourself? It’s not expensive, and you’ll find it’s also great fun.

Take up Archery

We thought we’d put this one in as it’s very different indeed. Archery is an ancient and noble sport, and one that can be enjoyed by young and old, and is an art that requires great skill, concentration, and a modicum of strength. Different bows have different pull-strengths, so you need to have some real power to use the bigger ones, and your breathing and concentration are also important. It helps with upper body strength, and is great for learning how to control your breathing perfectly. It’s also excellent fun!

The trick to achieving fitness is not just in following some or all of the tips above, but in making sure that keeping fit is not just about feeling strong and capable, but also in being happy in the mind and body. We also tend to forget that outside influences – we’ve mentioned pollution – that we can do nothing about can also affect our health and fitness, so try your hand at a few of the above, and we hope we’ve helped you towards better fitness.