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6 Successful Fitness Tips For Seniors With Limited Mobility

Fitness is not only a healthy state of body but also of mind as well. Anyone, who is physically and mentally fit, has a more fulfilling life than others. While mental fitness can be achieved by focussing your thoughts at the right entities and performing meditation, achieving physical fitness is a little more cumbersome. It is mainly associated with some form of exercise integrated into a daily routine, complemented by healthy eating habits. It seems a lot easier when you are young and enthusiastic but as the grey hair start to pop out, the energy levels start to drop and maintaining that fitness regimen looks more and more difficult.

Added responsibilities in life also play a role in buoying you down. To top all this, as you grow old, you may develop disabilities associated with specific diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis etcetera which limits your mobility and exercising the ability to alarmingly low levels. This should not puncture your confidence and your ability to remain fit as you gain the numbers in age. In fact, you could resort to much more straightforward ways of exercising and achieving fitness even though you have physical shortcomings which came with old age. This article mainly concentrates on six easy and successful way of doing the same and gaining fitness.

Start slowly: 

One mistake that many people tend to make is put in maximum effort in the first week itself, pumping in a rigorous routine right from the beginning. Chances of injuries are more this way. When you are at the starting of your road to fitness, starting slow is very important. Your body needs to get acclimatized to this new routine and will slowly adapt to the new physical requirements. Rushing it faster than it should, may cause more harm than good. Pacing your fitness routine becomes all the more important as you grow old and if you have limited mobility, you will notice a great deal of change there as well.

Make exercise part of your daily life:

Exercising for a few days may start showing you some results immediately, but if you want to stay on the right course of fitness, consistency is the key. As you grow old, the intensity of the exercises may vary, but the continuity remains the same. Therefore, set aside a specific part of the day for your daily exercise routine and try not to avoid it whatsoever. To complement the results that come with regular exercising, monitor your food intake as well by following a healthy diet.

Supplements, to fulfill your nutrition requirements, also help. Certain drugs like kratom can also be used in a controlled manner which has shown results of losing unnecessary weight fast, which is generally difficult with aging. Products made of kratom are incredibly beneficial, and you can buy the authentic material from a site called Kratom Crazy, the pioneer in manufacturing kratom products.

Hit the pool: 

It is a well-known fact that swimming is ideal to workout a lot of muscle groups together in tandem. It has other systemic health implications as well, especially respiratory ones. Moreover, you feel fresh and rejuvenated after a lap or two in a swimming pool. All these qualities make swimming an essential exercise which you can integrate with your routine. It is for both old and young and goes a long way in increasing flexibility of the joints and increasing their mobility as well.


The importance of stretching cannot be emphasized enough, especially when mobility is an issue. The lifestyle that most of us lead tends to make us sit in a particular place for long hours. This can lead to many health-related problems. Performing stretching exercise at regular intervals will help. You can do them even sitting on your chair or just standing up near your workspace. Make sure you hit as many joint’s as possible. This is especially helpful for people growing old as age makes the joints less flexible.

Try some specific exercises for fitness even with limited mobility.

There are some exercises which can be integrated with your fitness routine for best results. Aerobic exercises can be done while cleaning the house, and you can join a specific dance class like the Hula dance class which involves the movements of your hands, hips, legs, necks, eyes. Yoga can also be instrumental in getting control over the movements of your body and increasing your flexibility. These exercises work well for people with limited mobility, adding to its advantages.

Be aware of your body.

Whatever you are planning to do, knowing your body well is of prime importance. It is not always necessary to follow any regime blindly, you should be aware of your advantages and shortcomings, and you can tweak your routine based on that. As you gain some years, it is natural that you won’t have the same flexibility or abilities as before, therefore, regulate yourself accordingly.

No one can avoid growing old, but one can surely prevent the health issues associated with it by staying fit both physically and mentally by following the small steps mentioned above.