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5 Ways Yoga Can Improve your Health and Well-Being

The practice of yoga dates back more than 5,000 years. It has been developed as a healing system of both theory and practice, combining physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Advocates of yoga speak of the tremendous benefits it affords them in terms of general health and well-being. Here are five ways yoga is helpful with these aspects of life.

1. It can help your heart

People with conditions like atrial fibrillation have shown a measurable improvement in their quality of life by practicing yoga. It also helps to lower one’s heart rate and blood pressure. There is even evidence that yoga can the risk factors for heart disease, which is a tremendous benefit for anyone looking to improve their overall health.

2. It can help you lose weight

Regular practitioners of yoga demonstrate a more mindful approach to eating, and people with this attitude are less likely to be obese. A US study found that regular yoga practice may help prevent middle-age spread, and could promote weight loss in those who are overweight.

3. It can increase your energy levels

By practicing yoga for as little as three months, you can experience diminished fatigue and greater energy for your day-to-day activities. Of course, there is no substitute for quality sleep, and you should do what you can to promote healthy sleep with practices like imagining or visualizing a comforting image to help with relaxation. But if lethargy and fatigue cloud your days, yoga could be just the thing to boost your energy levels.

4. It counters stress

Through a short, daily yoga practice combined with meditation, you can significantly reduce feelings of stress and improve your sleep quality. It has been demonstrated that simple stretching exercises can counter fatigue, but by combining those stretches with breathing control, meditation and relaxation exercises you can reduce the symptoms of stress to engage better with daily activities.

5. It can have a positive effect on your general mood

A recently published study has suggested that yoga may be a good thing to try if you suffer from depression. By engaging in physical exercise, going through the controlled breathing routines and making use of meditation practice, people with depression could experience a substantial reduction in their symptoms. There is also evidence that yoga may be superior to other forms of exercise in terms of its impact on things like mood and anxiety. Mental health is an important part of overall well being, and the benefits of yoga are there to be experienced.

Yoga has been shown to have extensive benefits in various areas of general health and well being. Nevertheless, it should be approached as cautiously as any other form of exercise you could take up. Pushing yourself too hard during exercise could be counter-productive, and you should take steps to ensure you are healthy enough to take on a new exercise commitment. Check with your doctor before starting, and if you are fit enough to get started, then the benefits to your health and well being are there to be unlocked.