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5 Ways to Boost Your Exercise Regime

Exercise little and often

Lots of people are tempted to have long, intense workouts, as they believe this will help them achieve their desired results. However, extra-long sessions could give your body little time to repair itself before your next one. It may also become harder to stick to this kind of regime if you have a busy schedule or struggle with keeping yourself motivated.

Instead, stick to short, high-intensity workouts little and often. These are easier to fit into any routine and have been proven to boost metabolism. If you still prefer to have longer workouts, intersperse cardio and strength training with HIIT intervals to experience the same benefits.

Try something new

One of the biggest challenges people face with exercise is staying motivated, something which is hard to do when you have little variety in your exercise regime. This doesn’t mean you should stop doing the exercises you know and love; instead, try throwing some new sports into the mix.

For example, those who usually stick to the gym may wish to try an outdoor sport, like hiking, soccer, or golf. If the latter is your sport of choice, maintain the fun by getting your clubs from PXG. This kind of variety will keep you from getting bored with your routine, but can also introduce you to a whole host of new health benefits associated with each sport you try.

Make the most of nature

Many of these sports will take you into the great outdoors, which is sure to boost your exercise regime even more. Aside from helping you add more variety to your regime, there are various health benefits that exercising outdoors can bring.

One of the most popular is how it improves your mental health. Inducing feelings of calm, spending time outside has been linked to lowering depression, anxiety, and stress in some individuals. Also known as Ecotherapy, the extra relaxation you feel may also help you sleep better at night. Not to mention, your skin could see fewer signs of aging and a clearer complexion due to the sun’s Vitamin D. With running, hiking, and swimming to try, make sure you are in a green setting to fully reap these benefits.

Bring yoga into your routine

For many people, exercise goes far beyond helping them maintain a healthy weight. This is partly why yoga remains a popular part of some exercise regimes. Thanks to its mental health-improving qualities, it provides people with a safe space to tackle any stressful issues, while also lengthening and toning muscles.

You do not need to be an expert to try yoga, so don’t be put off by it if you aren’t very flexible. Start by adding a few small moves into your usual routine to help you cool off and unwind at the end of a session. While this can help you sleep better if you have exercised before bed, it may also boost your energy levels during a morning routine. Try out some handy apps or visit a local yoga group to add it easily to any regime.

Stay hydrated

Most health experts recommend you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but this is a number that goes up the more you exercise. This is largely due to the fact that when you sweat, you are losing much of the water your body needs to stay hydrated during exercise. The more intense your workout is expected to be, the more water you’ll need. As a result, it is essential to keep a water bottle nearby whenever you start a workout.

There are even some suggestions on how to replenish your water intake to maximize its impact. Without it, you could find your focus slipping and energy levels dipping. Add some natural flavorings to your bottle to avoid becoming bored with the taste, or keep your energy optimized by having some protein-rich snacks before and after your workout.

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