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5 ways coffee strengthens your workout

Most of the fitness freaks and gym lovers keep researching on the products that would help them to attain maximum benefits from their workout. And no wonder that at times, they end up spending hundreds of dollars too!

If you are in search of such dietary items that would boost your workout results, look no more! Here’s good news to all fitness freaks! That dark brown liquid which wakes you up daily has proven to be efficient in helping you reach your fitness goals much faster.

Wondering what that is:

Yes. We are talking about coffee here. Besides known for its amazing properties in keeping us alert and active, modern researches are proving that a cup or two of coffee can improve the results that one obtains from their workouts.

Soothes Muscle Pain

Hey buddy! Do you have that inspirational poster “No Pain No Gain” at your workout place? Are you ready to work out hard to any extreme to build that chiseled body?

Then this news is definitely good for you.

Caffeine can help soothe your muscles after an intense workout. Let us explain how.

American Physiological Society says that caffeine when combined with carbs, can bring aid in the transfer of glucose transfer from the bloodstream to your muscles. And this is what exactly is needed for your muscles when they are intensively tired post workout.

This benefit of caffeine is also supported by a study done by the University of Illinois which revealed that two to three cups of coffee an hour before a workout can help in reducing the muscle pain that you feel during a rigorous session of cycling. Isn’t this another reason you can relish a cup of American Heroes coffee next time you go start your workout session?

Boosts your attention

The main fact that every fitness enthusiast would have already known is that it is important to get enough sleep the previous night and the day when you undergo intense weight training.

Why? Well, for two reasons:

Sleep provides your muscles enough rest to relax and soothes the pain. This is very important to fight the results of lactic acid, that is produced in your muscles when you work out more.

Sleep gives your brain enough oxygen and makes you alert and attentive the next day.

Just now we have seen that caffeine soothes your muscles after a rigorous intense session. Here comes another advantage of having coffee before workout:

Caffeine has proven to be highly effective in keeping you alert and attentive during your training session, despite the fact that you had not a sound sleep the last night. It has shown proven results in increasing your focus and helps you in reaching your fitness goals faster.

Researches proved that intake of coffee has an impact on the prefrontal lobe of the human brain. This region is especially linked with attention, span, and concentration. It means when you have a cup of American heroes coffee before a workout, your thinking is sharp and you become a lot productive and attentive. Doesn’t this sound like it’s another way to make your smart during your workout session? Yes, it sure is.

Improves oxygen circulation

A study from the American Heart Association proved that caffeine improved blood circulation very well. It was proven that in a person who drinks coffee before workout, there was a 30 percent increase in the blood flow and this effect lasted for around 75 minutes!

How this benefits you:

Well, the better the blood circulation, the effect is the oxygen reach to each and every cell of our body. It means your muscles, that is intensively tired due to weight training, get enough oxygen at a faster rate, which helps them to relax and recuperate easily.

So next time you step into the gym, carry a hot cup of American Heroes coffee and enjoy it an hour before your workout.

Builds your stamina

A key aspect that bodybuilders or persons who are ready to walk or run for long or play for longer durations needs is Stamina.

Yes. Stamina is important for such people. But why are we talking about stamina now?

Here’s why?

Studies of Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport proved that a cup of coffee that can provide you around 5mg of caffeine can give all the kick that you need to start your long-duration workout or running sessions.

And more good news:

The improvement in your performance improves by 1 percent. In other words, that workout which you can finish in 20 minutes,

Boosts Metabolism

The key to weight loss or doing intense weight training session is to boost metabolism. Compared to aerobic exercises, weight training keeps your metabolism active throughout the day.

And caffeine just boosts this.

Studies proved that consuming coffee before workout increased metabolic rate and the effect remained for as long as three hours. This means there is more chance to boost fat burning when you have a cup or two of coffee before a workout.

Well, so far we have seen how coffee helps in enhancing your workout results. But do you know this – that there are other key facts about coffee which are a must to know to reap maximum benefits from a cup of joe.

  • The ideal time to drink coffee when you are working out is an hour before you start your workout session. But remember that if you work out during evenings and have coffee after the sunset, it may give its benefits as ever but can hamper your sleep patterns.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant – in a lot of good ways. But as it holds true for everything, too much of caffeine is too bad for your health. High doses of caffeine can dehydrate you and you will feel energy less especially if you are a heavy workout lover.
  • If you are pregnant, or a person suffering from hypertension or allergic to caffeine, it is best to take the guidance of a medical practitioner before you decide to take that cup of coffee into your hands!
  • The level of caffeine varies with the bean type, brewing method and the type of coffee. For example, when you choose a lightly roasted variant of coffee, the caffeine levels you get are different from that you get when you opt for a cup of American Heroes coffee that is made of dark roasted beans.
  • When we talked about the benefits of coffee, we meant it is black coffee. You would not gain the same benefits from a cup of coffee that has cream, sugar, syrup, milk or other additives in it.
  • Coffee is a diuretic. It can make you pee more and can cause loss of water from your body. So remember to drink more amount of water when you are opting to drink coffee before a workout. Water enhances blood circulation and helps flush out toxins very easily.
  • Coffee is a beverage better served hot. Why? Studies showed that caffeine works well when it is at hot temperatures compared to when it is at room temperature or colder temperatures.  So next time you plan to have coffee before a workout, check what you have in your hands – a cup of hot coffee or cold coffee.

Happy sipping!!