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5 Tips Men of Any Age Can Use to Get Fit During Men’s Health Month

No matter your age or current abilities, there is always something you can be working toward. June is Men’s Health Month and thus the perfect excuse to start a planning how you can improve your overall fitness and health. Personal fitness and health are a long term investment in your overall well-being. The sooner you put the time, energy and effort in, the sooner you will see results toward your end goal.

Whether you are 16 years old and just getting started in the gym or 60 years old and looking to improve your health, there are some basic tips that can help you on your fitness journey. Using these tips, along with the right workout regimine for your ability and skill levels, will aid in improving the way you look and feel about yourself.

Eat smarter:

We are taught that there are three meals per day and those are the only times we should be eating, but that is not true. It is recommended that you eat five meals a day; breakfast, a snack at mid-morning, lunch, a snack mid-afternoon, and dinner. Even though you should be eating more, you should also be making sure what you actually consume at these meals is beneficial to your body. Not eating the right foods can actually stagnate your fitness goals and cause you to plateau. Making sure you have a balanced diet with the right types of food is key. Tactics such as meal prepping can help ensure that you are eating the right foods for the right meals. Having your meals planned ahead of time means you are not just reaching for whatever is readily available, typically unhealthy junk-type foods, when you feel hungry.

Use equipment at home:

There are times when you do not want to or cannot leave your house, whether it is due to transportation issues, weather, or simply waiting for the cable guy. But you still need to get your workout in. It is times like these that you can use a home gym, or home gym equipment if you do not have the budget or space for a full gym, to meet your fitness needs. If you have the money and space, a home gym can be tailored to meet your exact fitness needs and goals. You can include whatever large equipment you utilize at the gym, all in the comfort of your home. If you do not have the money of space, you can still get your workout in at home. Investing in a few essential pieces of equipment is all you need to get your basic workout in from your bedroom or living room. 

Find a fitness coach:

The average person will walk into a gym with a goal in mind, but will not know exactly what they should be doing to achieve that goal. That is where a fitness coach comes in. A fitness coach is there for you to help you achieve your fitness goals and motivate you to become your very best self; they will work with you to develop the ideal workout and nutrition plan that molds to your specificity and unique needs. It is essential that you find the right match for your needs when searching for a fitness coach as every coach will have their own area of expertise.     

Friendly competition:

Being the best and beating out the competition is essentially ingrained into our DNA. As a tool to motivate you to follow through in your fitness plan and meet your goals, it is a good idea to pair up with a friend for your workouts. Your gym-buddy will be there to motivate you to keep showing up and working towards your fitness goals. Lifting weights, or whatever you are working on, next to your best friend will also help push you to do that extra rep just to show them you can keep up with or even outperform them, although it is also wise to know your limits and when it is time to stop. No one wants to feel like the lesser or inferior person; by turning your workout into a friendly competition you are adding more incentive to stick with it.

Reduce stress:

Cutting back on the amount of stress in your life is easy enough advice to give, but to actually do it can prove to be difficult. Still, it is something extremely important to actively work towards as high levels of stress can negative impact your overall fitness and health. Too much stress can lead to medical issues that can seriously impact your fitness and health. There are ways to treat these common issues, which include heart disease, depression, erectile dysfunction, obesity, and many others. Knowing the signs of when you are personally beginning to feel stressed is extremely important. Once you can recognize your personal signs you can start using techniques to reduce stress. Techniques to lower stress levels can include closing your eyes and taking deep breaths, going for a short walk, and constructively talking about what is causing you stress. Reducing stress is easier said than done, but is worth it to work on for your personal health.