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5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Independent With Age

Life has many different stages, and with each one, you have to get used to new things. When you first transitioned into adulthood, you learned to balance your finances, make time for friends and do well at your job. You may have become a parent and learned the many lessons that come along with raising kids.

As you get older, it may feel like you’ve learned everything you need to know. Still, life likes to throw curveballs now and then to keep people on their feet. Life as a middle-aged adult brings new challenges, even as you enter retirement.

Here are five tips for staying healthy and independent with age. You can live your most successful, comfortable and enjoyable life without giving up your independence. Try these tips to see how much they’ll change your everyday routine. 

1. Volunteer in Your Community

When you age, you discover you have more free time. Your kids move out and start their own families, and you retire from your full-time job. While you adjust to your less hectic schedule, you might itch for something to do that’s new or fulfilling.

Talk with your friends or look through your local newspaper to find volunteer opportunities in your community. You’ll give back to your hometown and use your talents to help other people. It’s a rewarding way to stay involved with others without requiring 40 hours out of your week.

2. Get More Active

Everyone knows that as they age, they’ll feel different. Sometimes you might wake up with a sore neck or struggle to find your balance when you get off the couch. 

You don’t have to give in to some of the physical effects of aging if you stay active. Activities like swimming or walking lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. You’ll develop stronger muscles and stay more physically fit than those around you with just a few minutes of exercise each day.

3. Keep up With New Tech

Sometimes it doesn’t feel comfortable to ask for guidance, but keeping up with new technology will help you stay independent. If you’re not sure what everyone uses these days, read about popular gadgets to discover if any would be useful in your life. Using smart tech will prevent you from relying on someone else to navigate through your daily routine.

4. Reduce Your Stress

People like to say that they’ll live a stress-free life once they don’t work full-time anymore, but that’s not necessarily true. Daily stressors come in all forms, both physical and mental. Reduce your stress by determining what affects you the most and doing something about it.

A small change, like meditating, will channel your negative thoughts and improve your mood. If physical issues are causing you stress, making accommodations such as adding an elevator in your home can improve your well-being.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Around the time people turn 50, it’s common to start experiencing minor lapses in memory. You might forget where you put the car keys or if you ran the dishwasher. While it might not be something to be concerned about, you can prevent or delay memory issues by getting enough sleep. Sleeping eight hours per night resets and recharges your mind so you’re ready to go the next day.

Adjust Your Routine

Whichever tips help you the most, work them into your routine so they become your new normal. Relieving your stress, sleeping and staying active will keep you healthy and independent as you age.