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5 Tips to Choose The Best Protein Powders for Muscle Building


There are many ways to get a fit body – to lose weight, increase stamina, build muscle mass or work on diet plans just to name a few.

Most of us go to the gym and lift weights, do cardio exercises and drink lots of protein in between to repair damaged muscles. Protein powders are the building blocks which help you increase your overall protein intake and meet your daily needs. But how do you choose the best protein powders out there?

Let’s educate ourselves further to see which protein powders which are most essential for our goals.

Several advantages of consuming protein shakes in a day to day life

Types of proteins

Whey Protein: This protein comes from dairy products which is separated from curds and contains lactose.

Use: Athletes get a benefit to recover from damaged muscles and strengthening the muscles.  


Casein Protein: Extracted from milk, protein gets absorbed and digested more deliberately.

Use: Fat mass is reduced with the help of casein protein, reverse gain of lean mass and strengthen muscles.


Egg Protein: When the yolk is removed from the egg it’s processed and converted into a white powder rather than whole eggs which is a complete protein source. It’s perfect low carb choice to make meal replacement shakes for those who are on a low carb diet.

Use: People who are allergic to milk can intake carb-supplement which is based on animal protein, can get lean mass and strengthen muscles.


Hemp Protein: Hemp seeds are turned into powder protein which provides a substantial nutritional boost. This is antioxidant without any saturated fat.

Use: This is more effective in huge weight loss because it is rich in fibre content and omega fatty acid.


How to Choose the Protein Powder That’s Best for You

Sometimes we get ready to drink high-sugar smoothies just because we get confused to figure out what will work best for you and your nutritional needs. According to research like Steve Hertzler, PhD


He says do not focus on a specific type of protein, but take care to consume the right amount of protein like 15 to 45 grams of high protein every 3 or 4 hours.


Supplementing powder protein into your daily nutrition program is one of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish this. Check out the essential rules to choose the best protein powder below:


  1. Analyse added ingredients

You should be very selective for the ingredients present in protein powder because there are some artificial sweeteners present which are highly dangerous for your health and body.

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose, Aspartame and Acesulfame are transformed into zero calories. This gives a negative impact on a body like abnormal blood sugar level and can cause disease like cancer.

Always choose the unflavoured protein powder as it is more familiar and can easily be digested. If you still want something with taste then you can add homemade natural ingredients to your shake.


  1. The right type of protein for yourself

After analysing, all protein powders I have found that it doesn’t make any difference when you are selecting a good source for your protein powder. Here are some basic guidelines for the primary type of proteins.

The essential proteins are amino acids and vegetable proteins these all are present in whey concentrate, whey isolate and casein powder.

Whey Concentrate: Rich in micronutrients and lactose.

Whey Isolate: Rich in amino acids

Casein: Have fix amount of amino in food.


  1. Best Quality & Packing Date

Most of the time we select those products which are in the best quality. So when picking your protein powder don’t forget to check the positive feedback from the consumers. This helps to develop a trust factor for a particular product.

And the other way is to check whether the product is pure or not. You can find information for instance on how long that company has been in the marketplace.


  1. Hydrolyzed Protein

Hydrolyzed means protein is broken down into a small chain which is known as peptides with amino acids. Mostly human intake is 90% of calories from protein. And the most relevant thing is that it’s easily digested and denatured.

When you choose hydrolyzed protein powder, it reduces the risk of allergic reactions in your body.


  1. Be Budget Specific

There are some preferences and priority in everybody’s life, but sometimes we go for additional pay for the muscle building products which is actually useless because we can get the same amount and quantity at a lower price, then I would suggest going with cheaper one.