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5 Recreational Hobbies You and Your Family Can Start in Your Backyard 

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5Promoting fitness for your family can be solved by simply improving your backyard and creating hobbies around it. The backyard is a place to make memories for your family and kids, but sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do together outside. Solve that problem by transforming the open space into a place to start a new hobby with your kids, such as these five activities.

1. Gardening and Farming

A popular hobby for many homeowners is to start a garden. The wonderful thing about gardens is that there is an endless variety of ways to create them. Would you like to focus on flowers and plants that will add beauty to the property? Do you want to grow your own vegetables and herbs for fresh, healthy eating? Is your plan to attract certain birds or pollinators to your yard? With so many creative options out there, you can find something no matter where you live, how much space you have, and what your personal style is. Best thing about them is that it creates a desire for your kids to see them outside. 

Gardening is more than just a recreational activity. It is also beneficial to your health, shares Good Housekeeping. It provides exercise and stress relief, and being outside exposes you to more vitamin D from the sun, all of which boost your emotional well-being. It’s good for all ages, too, so you can get your whole family involved. 

Perhaps you want more than just a patch of produce and would like to have more of a farming feel to your backyard. If livestock are permitted in your area, you could get chickens, build a coop, and enjoy fresh eggs. You could even sell cartons of eggs at a local farmer’s market or just to your neighbors. Other animals you could raise if legal include the following:

  • Angora rabbits: Blend their fur with wool to make a softer yarn.
  • Bees: Raw honey comes with more health benefits than processed honey.
  • Sheep and goats: Small breeds are best when you have limited land.

If local regulations allow, you can have your own little farm without having to live out in the country. 

2. Swimming

Getting your kids active can be a difficult process but I’ve yet to meet a kid that doesn’t want to play in the pool outside. Also if you want to get back into shape or encourage family fun without having to leave your property, then consider taking up swimming. If you happen to live in hot summer state such as Virginia, there are options for inground swimming pools in Virginia from a simple geometric shape to a free-form design with a hot tub and waterfall. Having a pool in your backyard can motivate you to exercise more, improve your swimming skills, and spend time with your family. It’s a low-impact activity that delivers a challenging, full-body workout.

3. Golf

Did you know you can put a putting green in your backyard? Now you can improve your golf game without having to drive to the country club or share the space with other golfers. Golf is another great sport for all ages and abilities because it doesn’t require intense physical activity but still gets you moving. It also sharpens your mind. Prefer something more entertaining? Then go with a mini golf course instead so the whole family can have some fun without having to be avid golfers.

4. Crafts

Crafts don’t just refer to your typical artsy or fancy projects you might associate with a Pinterest board. Crafts cover anything that you create no matter the method, such as woodwork or pottery and best thing about them is you can get your kids involved as well. Transform your backyard shed into a little studio or workshop where you can create to your heart’s content and contain the mess outside the home.

5. Cooking

Take your cooking skills and your parties to the next level with an outdoor kitchen. Besides the grill, consider adding any of the following:

  • Sink
  • Mini fridge or beverage cooler
  • Storage drawers
  • Large island
  • Ice maker
  • Pizza oven
  • Side burners
  • Fire pit

Search for fun recipes to make in your cool kitchen and enjoy family dinner in the open air. Teach your kids of how fun food making process can be for them. Save some for the neighbors, as they are sure to ask what you’re making that smells so good!

These are just five ideas you can play with to turn your backyard into a hobby haven. Explore more options to find out the perfect combination for your family.