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5 Reasons Your Daily Workout Routine Should Include Essential Oils

More and more people are turning to natural and alternative remedies for everyday problems. In their quest for a safe and effective option, many have turned to essential oils. These are the purified distillates of plant components. They can be made from roots, leaves, stems, seeds or flowers, depending on the plant in question. These essentials may even be for those who work out. 

Essential oils work in several ways. One of those is through aromatherapy. In this, the oils are diffused through the air where they reach your olfactory system. This gives them a direct pathway to the brain and nervous system. Another method is to apply them directly. This is commonly used for pain relief or antimicrobial effect. So, what can essential oils do when used correctly? Well, they have a number of benefits. Consider these five reasons you should use essential oils as part of your regular workout routine. 

1. To Boost Your Immune System

Some plants have been shown to help boost immune function, with herbs leading the way. In fact, sage, clove, ginger and thyme have all been studied for their ability to increase immune response. Considering that they all have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it shouldn’t be too surprising that they can help your body ward off illness and infection. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils are also very popular choices. If you want to gain the most benefit from essential oils, diffuse your favorite immune-boosting versions in your bedroom and common areas of your home. If you aren’t sure about which ones to use, a Young Living Essential Oils special immune-friendly blend makes selecting the right ones easy for you. These would help any work out junky to stay healthy strengthening the body inside and out. 

2. To Promote Relaxation

After a good work out sometimes the best thing for the body is to relax. If you feel like that is weighing on you, and you need to find a way to take a break and unwind, essential oils can help. Lavender and chamomile are especially effective at promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Citruses like orange, grapefruit and bergamot are known to be uplifting and promote happiness. If you prefer a floral scent, both rose and geranium have been linked to increased relaxation as well. Place a few drops in your diffuser or uses mist to spray around your home for a more targeted effect. 

3. To Sanitize Surfaces

You may have noticed that the gym however useful is not always the most sanitary. Unfortunately, it also coincides with a decrease in commercially available disinfecting products in stores. That makes essential oils an attractive option for their safe, natural and effective cleaning power. Use thyme and oregano in an alcohol base to clean bathroom areas, while lemon is a great choice for the kitchen. Tea tree and eucalyptus are excellent mixed with vinegar for almost any sealed surfaces in your home. 

4. To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night and an adult who is working out needs to be well rested. If you aren’t getting that, or if you are having troubling falling asleep, essential oils may offer a solution. Lavender and clary sage are both popular options for aiding sleep patterns. Try misting your pillow and bed coverings with a mild solution about ten minutes before you get into bed for a quick and simple fix.  

5. To Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Muscle pain and inflammation is a part of working out, it is easy to see why many people turn to plant compounds for pain relief. Indigenous cultures have been successfully using medicinal plants for millennia. Modern science has built upon that to create increasingly stronger medication. However, for many minor pain or injuries, going back to nature may be just as effective. Black pepper, peppermint, ginger and clove are known for their ability to cut through mild to moderate pain; turmeric is reportedly an excellent anti-inflammatory; always popular lavender may help ease muscle pain and stiffness. If you are planning to use these topically, it is always best to dilute them in a carrier oil or unscented lotion since the active chemicals in many essential oils can cause irritation and burning. 

Essential oils can help you reduce stress, lessen pain or give your immune system a boost. They are a safe and natural choice that is becoming increasingly popular. Plus, pre-mixed blends make finding the right ones simple and affordable.