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5 Reasons Why Swimming Is a Great Way To Exercise

A popular resolution people make every January 1 is to get healthy. Aside from going on a diet, people decide to join a gym or start an exercise program. Unfortunately, these goals can be too lofty for some to follow through, and they soon fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle.

An element in the failure rate may have to do with the type of exercise people decide to try. In some instances, doing too much at a gym or forcing something that isn’t interesting or fun can sabotage even the best intentions. When people start formulating an exercise plan, whether it’s at the beginning of a year or mid-way through, one possibility on the list should be swimming. 

You may believe that this activity is best left to Olympians, but taking up a swimming practice may help you reap more positive rewards than anything else in a gym. Here are five reasons why you should consider taking a dip in the pool to meet health goals.

1. Strengthens Lung Capacity

Aerobic activity is known for helping the lungs grow stronger. Benefits are healthier lungs allow for more air to be taken in and processed throughout the body. The more oxygen the lungs breathe in, the more that oxygen can fuel cells. Freshly oxygenated blood is vital in repairing things like muscle and tissue damage. 

For athletes, an increase in this process means their bodies can heal at a faster rate, and they can go longer without needing to rest. For others, more oxygen means the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to provide oxygen to the rest of the body. Thus, strengthening the lungs can have a positive impact on the heart.

2. Provides a Total Body Workout

Some people try and vary their workouts to include things like cardio and strength training. The two types of conditioning offer health benefits to the entire body, but what if both can be found in the same exercise? Swimming provides a total body workout. It is one part cardio and one part strength training. 

Think about the fact that when swimming, every muscle in the body is engaged in some way. The resistance provided by the water provides just enough push back that it strengthens the muscles. While in the pool, the body is burning calories through aerobic movement, and afterward, the muscles continue to burn calories long after leaving the pool. A bonus is all of this can be accomplished without producing a drop of sweat.

3. Improves Flexibility

Even the bulkiest athletes understand the benefit of increasing flexibility throughout the body. Long, lean muscles allow the body to have a broader range of motion. This can also cut down on pulls and tears that may occur when too much is done to stiff and rigid muscles. Swimming allows for the development of lean muscles and contributes to flexibility and range of motion. The long strokes, combined with water resistance and buoyancy aid in keeping the muscles and joints flexible. 

4. Low Impact on the Body

Swimming is an all-encompassing activity. Anyone at any age can partake in regular swim practice. Water provides the support the body needs to reduce shock exercises like running and walking can cause. Swimming can also be modified to fit any fitness ability. Some custom pools Las Vegas have been designed to allow greater access to people of all age ranges and fitness levels. Pregnant women, senior citizens, and those recovering from significant injuries may find swimming especially beneficial.

5. Helps Mental Health

There has been a drastic shift in the way people handle mental health difficulties. Along with medication and therapy, exercise has been shown to help battle back mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Swimming may be especially beneficial in this way. The immersive nature of the water, along with the cadence of the strokes, provides an almost meditative state. Aside from the endorphins produced from the activity, this introspective state may improve mental health. When looking for an exercise activity that checks all the boxes, swimming comes out the champion.