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5 Lifts That Will Help Strengthen Your Knees

No matter what age, we want to keep our knees in tip top shape. There are many different exercises that you can do for this. Our knees are everything when it comes to walking and being able to move from place to place. You should always try to keep them strong and flexible. That being said, here are five lifts that can ultimately strengthen your knees and keep them strong.

On the Floor

The first one is the side leg lifts which can be great for strengthening your knees. Simply get on the floor and lay on your side. Once you have done this slowly lift one of your legs for a count of either eight or ten. Repeat this several times on one side then try your other side. You can choose to do three sets for each side or however much you’d like. Don’t jump in to fast as you don’t want to hurt yourself if you are really stiff. Second, you can lay on your back and do some straight leg raises. You should lift each leg upright for a certain count and a number of sets. 


A third strengthen technique is to stand and do a knee flexion by lifting one leg up as if you are going to touch your heel to your buttocks. This should be done in a series of repetitions and sets. Fourth, try putting your hands on the wall leaning forward and raise up on the tips of your toes. This will strengthen the calves and your knees. Many of us are always looking for ways to keep our knees in tact that’s why some have even considered stem cell for knees

Wall Squats

The fifth one is wall squats which have always proven to be a winner for the knees. Rest your back against the wall as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair. From this position, you can move slowly down and then back up again. As like the other exercises, pick a number of reps and sets you can handle so you don’t over do it. 


Strengthening our knees can be very crucial especially as you age. We don’t realize often how much stress we can put on our legs in general. The five lift exercise are a good place to start. This can include starting on the floor and getting on your side. You then should lift one leg for a series of reps and then try the other side with the other leg going up and down. From there, you can move to your back and slowly move one leg up and down and try the other as well. If you prefer, to stand then dive into the knee flexion by moving you heal to your buttocks in a bunch of reps and sets. Next, you can lean on the wall and raise up on your toes to give your calves and knees a good stretch. The final exercise you can do is the wall squat. This allows you to sit with your back to the wall and go up and down in a slow motion getting a full exercise out of your knees as well.