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5 Great Vibration Plate Exercises

Trying to keep your balance and stability on a device that’s constantly vibrating during a given period of time is surely taxing. However, to keep your balance on the device, you have to activate your muscles so that they could tense and relax, which leads to tears in muscle fibers. The role of amino acids is to patch up these tears so that your muscles could grow.

The effect of any exercises done on a vibration plate is greatly increased due to constant effort to keep your balance and complete the exercise. This means that your workout time gets more effective and you grow your muscles faster. In the following paragraphs, you can find out what exercises to implement in your workout plan to reap the amazing benefits for your whole body.

Heel raises

When people think about lower body strength, which increases speed and agility, they only give importance to hamstrings, glutes, and quads. No one mentions calves, as they probably don’t know how important they are in improving running performance. Whenever your foot lands and pushes off, the inner and outer calves extend and flex. In this process, they absorb the impact when your feet land on the ground, and they give your legs a boost of energy when you push off.

This is the reason they fatigue faster and why you shouldn’t neglect working on them. They represent a muscle area that’s usually relatively difficult to train due to a few reasons, so you can increase the effects of this simple exercise if you do it on a vibration plate. You can improve your jumping power, stability, and prevent injuries if you invest some time in your calves.


Similarly to calf exercises, people tend to take squats rather lightly, thinking that they only activate their quads and glutes. However, there are many more benefits to squats than just these two. Besides strengthening your legs, squats allow you to also strengthen your core. When you perform squats, your body engages core stabilizer muscles to keep you stable during the exercise.

You also engage your hips, knees, and ankles, which means that you improve the health and strength of your joints, thus reducing the possibilities of getting injured. They also help you work on your flexibility, mobility, and balance. Now imagine what results you can get from a workout plan on an amazing vibration platform machine with this simple exercise.


There are people who think that the only way you can work out using vibration plates is to do exercises in a stand-up position but that’s not the case. Doing push-ups on this machine will allow you to stretch and ease your muscles while building a strong core. The vibration plate creates instability that activates your core muscles to help you keep your body in balance.

These push-ups will build your chest, arms, and shoulders in a way you couldn’t even imagine. Given that you’re doing them on a machine that keeps your muscles activated at all times, try to set a time for your sets, rather than focusing on reps. 


This is one of the exercises that engage your whole body to complete them. When you get down in the plank position, you have to activate muscles in your arms, legs, and abs to stay in that position. The benefits of this simple exercise are numerous. Given that you have to keep your back straight while performing this, you will improve your posture and strengthen your back at the same time.

All of your core muscles are activated at the same time during this exercise, so you will also benefit in that area. They improve your metabolism, flexibility, and get rid of back pain, among other perks.


Lunges can help you develop your core strength, shape your lower body, make your hips more flexible, and increase muscle mass. Besides leg muscles, they also target abdominal and lower back muscles to stabilize the core. They engage your hamstrings, quads, and glutes, so you’ll also get a nice booty you’ve always wanted. By taking the load off your spine, you can improve your spine health through this exercise. Doing lunges on a vibration plate will surely tone your lower body faster than you thought.

A vibration plate is a fun and enjoyable device that can help you achieve your goals in a more efficient way, while also motivating you to stick to your workout plan. It’s much more interesting than doing your ordinary exercises, so give it a shot and see the benefits for yourself!