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5 Effortless Tips for Men to Look Their Absolute Best

For many men, self-care starts and ends with their workout routine or their morning shower, both of which are absolute necessities in anyone’s life, but still not the only route to a sharper, more attractive appearance. Much like you’ve taken your time to devise a fitness plan that makes sense for your goals, be it to shed a few pounds or pack some muscle, it’s best to take a similar approach when developing your style. For those who have invested more effort into their wardrobe, on the other hand, perhaps this is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at what you can do to improve your physique.

As you can see, all elements play an equal role in your appearance. From your physique, the clothes you wear, all the way to your skincare routine, you can make simple decisions to boost your self-esteem and to look your absolute best. Here are a few tips to add to your own arsenal!

Start with your fridge

There is no way you can reach any results with your fitness routine if you don’t have the right nutrition plan to accompany your workouts. That said, there are simple ways to amp up your nutrition by monitoring your caloric intake, choosing nutrient-dense, yet low-calorie foods, and by keeping track of your progress.

This way, you’ll never have to worry about simple issues such as bloating or lack of energy, which will in turn fuel your workouts and give you bounds of confidence. Nothing looks better on a man than high self-esteem. 

Make the most of your workout

Every gentleman’s appearance starts from his posture and strut. If your shoulders are slouched and you don’t have a confident, agile gait – no amount of hair gel or pricy shades will boost your appearance. So as you’re working towards a more stylish wardrobe, make sure that your workout is tailored to your needs

Do you have enough mobility in your joints and flexibility to move comfortably and confidently? What about your posture? Introduce some strength work as well as cardio to build a lean, strong physique that will look powerful no matter if you’ve chosen chinos or a full suit for the cocktail event with your boss. 

Details to boost your style

The right accessories can make all the difference to transform an ordinary outfit into a genuine statement of your values and your attitude. The clothes certainly don’t make the gentleman, but how you put them together and complete your look with these details can mean the world to the impression you leave on the people around you. For example, some of those essential men’s fashion accessory items include a rugged watch for every occasion, your favorite tie, and a wallet.

Beyond that, you can elevate your look depending on the season in question with the right scarf, sunglasses, and of course, belts. Go for neutral hues such as leather brown, charcoal black, and classic grey so that you can mix and match them to your suits, casual-wear, and athleisure alike. 

Pay attention to skincare

Men, soap won’t cut it. It’s a great start if you’re using a great brand of soap that’s good to your skin, but you can do so much more to protect your skin from damage with just a few selected skincare products on your shelf. From a facial cleanser to get rid of sweat and dirt build-up after a tough gym session, to a moisturizer to feed your pores, a little can indeed go a long way. 

Plus, this is a great chance to find a quality shaving cream that will prevent skin irritation, zits, and acne. Wrap it all up with sunscreen when you’re spending time outdoors, and you’ll restore more vibrancy to your face in an instant. 

Grooming essentials for every man

We all know that one guy with pristine hair, spotless, clean nails despite the hours slaving away at the gym (chalk and all), and always spot-on beard. Yet, he doesn’t seem to be working too hard to look that way, and as soon as he puts on a classic pair of jeans and a lumberjack shirt – he’s good to go. Believe it or not, it’s these precise details that count the most and that will make or break your appearance. 

To achieve that level of sharpness, you need to make sure that your hair (and that includes your facial hair, too), your nails, and your teeth are always neat and clean. Make sure that your grooming skills are refined and that you tend to these essential details before anything else. Then an outfit and your rugged watch will do the rest.  
Just like your body needs time to adapt and to show those workout results, you should give yourself time to develop your taste in terms of style, grooming, and even dieting. You’ll find what works best, personalize your strategy, and soon enough build a foolproof self-care system that will bring out the very best in you. After all, taking care of yourself is the very basis of good health, so consider this a long-term investment in your own wellbeing.