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5 Common Causes of Back Problems

One of the most common complaints when it comes to everyday aches and pains revolves around discomfort regarding back pain. Back problems plague many adults, often stemming from a multitude of reasons that can have to do with anything from not sitting in your chair correctly to picking up a heavy object improperly. If you are struggling with back problems, consider the list of items detailed below that could help you figure out the source of your back pain and how to prevent it.

Poor Posture

Having bad posture is one of the most common contributors to chronic back pain. If you have a desk job, spend hours in your car on a regular basis or spend a lot of time in front of the computer at home, you may experience regular back pain. Additionally, having poor posture when standing and walking can result in you experiencing back pain. Do research on how to maintain proper posture and put tools in place to help encourage you to make healthy adjustments to how you sit, stand and walk. You can use a posture trainer to remind you to maintain good posture regardless of what you are doing. By having good posture, you can help eliminate unnecessary back pain while also appearing taller and more confident.

Lack of Exercise

Not engaging in enough physical exercise can contribute to back pain over time. While giving your back time to rest is important when it comes to healing potential injuries such as strains and bruises, dedicating too much time to staying off your feet can be detrimental in the long run. Go out of your way to incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routine. Maintaining good fitness will help lower your inflammation levels, strengthen your back and encourage healing. There are plenty of exercises that can help lower or eliminate back pain. If you struggle with pain related to a current or previous injury, there are also methods of exercise that will help you alleviate your back problems without causing additional injury, such as light cardio exercises and water fitness activities.

Improper Lifting Technique

Not using proper lifting technique when engaging in everyday activities can result in you sustaining an injury to your back. When lifting something heavy, make sure you use proper lifting technique to avoid straining any muscles or doing more significant damage to your spine. You will also want to maintain caution when moving your midsection while carrying heavy objects, as twisting from side to side when holding a notable amount of weight can cause injury to your back. If you have to lift something that is very heavy, avoid doing it by yourself. Request help from another person or use tools that will make the process easier and safer.

Shoe Selection

Go out of your way to consider the shoes you wear on a regular basis and how they fit you. If you are wearing shoes that are poorly fitted or don’t provide an adequate amount of support, you may be experiencing regular back pain due to excessive hours spent in less than optimal footwear. Some common culprits of shoe-aggravated back pain are high heels and flip flops.

Previous Injury

If you have sustained an injury in the past, it may be contributing to your chronic back pain. Accidents such as falls, car accidents and injuries that occur when engaging in manual labor may result in continual back problems. There may be an issue regarding a pinched nerve, a ruptured or bulging disc or a strain that may be taking a long time to heal. Keep in mind that even injuries that appear minimal at the time can result in significant back pain later on down the line. Consult your physician if you think a previous injury may be contributing to your back problems.

By understanding what is causing your back pain, you can implement many strategies to reduce or eliminate back problems you experience on a daily basis.