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The 5 Best Natural Drinks for Hydration

Hydration is essential for a properly functioning human body. We all heard that we should stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, but sometimes your dehydration reaches a level when it requires extra aid. Usually, the best options are drinks with a richer microelement content, especially electrolytes.

Which natural beverages will help you stay hydrated? Let’s find this out!


1. Watermelon Juice


Watermelon juice is well known for its sweet taste, but did you know that it’s as well rich in microelements and one of the best options to help you stay hydrated?

Watermelon is made up of 92% of water and contains salt, calcium, and magnesium – which are all essentials for rehydration! Watermelon also contains:

  • Potassium
  • Beta Carotene
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin-A
  • Vitamin-C
  • Vitamin-E
  • Vitamin B1, B5

Add watermelon or pure watermelon juice into your diet, and you will not be disappointed.


2. Cucumber Juice


Eating cucumbers or drinking cucumber juice can be an excellent solution for those who suffer from dehydration or those who care about their health!

Cucumbers are 96% water and rich in Vitamin-K, Vitamin-B6, and iron. You might as well add a couple of slices of cucumber into your water bottle (because it will give the water some taste which will make it easier to drink in a more significant amount), eat them, or enjoy its juice on its own!

Often, people underestimate the benefits of consuming cucumbers and their juice, but it’s a big loss in the sense of health benefits!


3. Coconut Water


Coconut water is one of the best re-hydration drinks which exists!

Coconut is a marvelous drink which contains antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, and minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and calcium.

The amount of electrolytes gives coconut water re-hydration properties.

Coconut water can also:

  • Treat Your Stomach
  • Improve Your Hair and Skin Quality
  • Restore a Health pH Balance Within Your Body

On days when you lose a lot of water (like after a hard practice, travel, hangover, and so on) coconut water might be the best solution to keep your body healthy and hydrated!

For those of you who enjoy working out, coconut water serves as one of the best alternatives to pre workout products that contain caffeine or other ingredients that can promote dehydration!


4. Strawberry Juice


Strawberry juice isn’t just sweet and tasty, but it is also hydrating and beneficial for your body!

Strawberries are “packed” with Vitamin-C and antioxidants which are great for your body and immune system! Strawberries contain the most significant percentage of water among berries, which is 92%. Also, they are rich in fibers that positively affect the digestive system and help detox your body.

If you are looking for a sweet detox, re-hydration, and microelement source- strawberries should work the best for you!

Now you have a reason to eat or drink more of this delicious superfood!


5. Lettuce Juice


Lettuce is rich in mineral salts, especially the alkaline elements, and benefits our body in many ways.

Lettuce is 96% water so it will work well for your hydration and detoxing.

Not only is freshly squeezed lettuce juice is beneficial for your hydration, but consuming lettuce itself will give you extra hydration! When you are planning to eat, get an extra lettuce salad on the side of your meal and enjoy additional health benefits, as well as hydration!

Conclusion Thoughts


There are plenty of superfoods which will help you with hydration, detoxing, and provide numerous other health benefits. Make sure you purchase only the best quality products to get as many benefits from these foods as possible!

Drink or eat the described foods above and enjoy how you feel after.

You might as well add these products into your water bottle or mix them into a smoothie.

Don’t be afraid to experiment or try something new. Take care of your body and stay hydrated!