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4 Key Factors for Bodybuilders

Fitness is in much less demand in the modern era than in the past, due to the more sedentary lifestyles most of us lead. However, fitness remains important, and so it falls to us to pursue fitness in our spare time. Physical strength is perhaps even less important to today’s workforce, with some exceptions. However, there are still many benefits to developing your musculature, from the tangible benefits of strength, itself, to even looking and feeling more attractive. If you’re looking to bulk up, here’s what you need to know.

Protein is the Cornerstone of the Bodybuilder’s Diet

The bottom line of developing muscles is that it’s hard work. Not only is there the question of discipline, but there is also the matter of diet. Building muscle is done by using those muscles, and the wear and tear that your workout inflicts on your body must be repaired. Your muscles will recover with rest, in part, but more importantly, your body needs protein to repair and build muscle. Protein is, of course, present in a variety of foods, most notably meat. However, modern fitness dialogue heavily features processed products designed to maximize protein content with as little filler as possible. These products include things like protein shakes and bars, among other things; protein shakes are typically made from whey concentrate powder, but for an even stronger protein to filler ratio, there is the more pure whey isolate protein powder. The more protein you consume, the more resources your body has to maintain and grow. However, there is more to the dietary puzzle.

Carbohydrates Give You the Energy You Need

In terms of weight loss, carbohydrates are often avoided, and low-carb diets reign supreme. As such, a layperson may conflate this principle with all of fitness, which would be a tremendous mistake. Carbs are the main fuel source of the body; while other nutrients can suffice in a pinch, the body prefers carbs to maintain the energy it needs in order to function. In athletic and bodybuilding circles, carbs are second only to protein in terms of dietary needs for muscle building purposes.  Many practice carb loading before a large-scale workout to maximize energy and gains. Once your dietary needs are squared away, then you need to determine the right workout for you.

Certain Exercises Build Certain Muscles

When we hear the phrase “leg day” for example, the meaning is fairly clear. Leg day is when someone prioritizes leg workouts. However, the concept goes much deeper than this surface level understanding that the average person has; there are several muscles in the legs, and that means that running and squats are both leg exercises that have wildly different results. Luckily, there is a wide variety of equipment that can help you achieve the results you need by targeting specific muscles and muscle groups.

Develop a Routine

“Leg day” again serves as an intuitive starting place for the bodybuilding discussion, because the implication is that workouts dedicated to other parts of the body also fill out some kind of rotation, and that’s a popular way to mete out exercises. The idea is giving it your all for a full leg workout, for example, one day, then doing the same for, say, the arms the next day. This allows you to really live up to the “no pain, no gain” mantra, but give each part of the body a lot of attention and then a lot of rest, all while utilizing the full scope of the week. However, a more casual alternative is to do a variety of different exercises on a daily basis. This way ensures that you will still have the full range of motion available to you without much discomfort on the following day.

Fitness is an integral part of life, and, while it may seem daunting at first blush, the pursuit of fitness is aided at every step by technology and research. Information is all around you, so finding the right products and workouts with which to accomplish your goals is always within reach.