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4 Ideas for Snorkeling Exercises and Fitness

Some are obsessed with the latest fitness fads, trying out everything from hatha to goat yoga, while others know that certain time-tested activities provide as much fun as they do endurance. Enter: snorkeling! You can dive into the serene blue in search of marine life, lovely corals, or simply to burn a few calories.

It’s a perfect choice for people with zero fitness experience who are looking for a way to lead a healthier life, but also poses a challenge for the versed workout buffs who are eager for a new adventure. Plus, if you live in a sunny region the likes of Australia, snorkeling is an excellent way to spend more time outside and diversify your training program!

Now, while you may believe that snorkeling is a monotonous activity, there are plenty of ways you can infuse your underwater sessions with fun and challenge. Here are several fun and potentially taxing options you can introduce to make those blue workouts more exciting for you.

Spruce up your warmup

Although swimming and other water sports are an ideal choice for your joints since they are low-impact and relieve the pressure your skeletal system feels during on-shore activities, you can still infuse your workout program with a warmup. In fact, it’s recommended, especially to prepare your heart for the upcoming exertion. For starters, you can simply take your time walking in water, which is an excellent way to warm up your legs for all the underwater quad and glute work.

Afterwards, you can add a few minutes of swimming in the area where you intend to snorkel, get the feel of the surroundings and get your arms, back, and core working at the same time. Of course, always wear sunscreen to stay safe, especially if you’re not wearing a diving suit that covers your entire body – because yes, sunburn can occur under the waves, as well!

Use optimal gear

While we’re on the subject of how to prepare yourself for your snorkeling session, the gear you use is an extremely important factor. From the right suit, all the way to a practical mask, it will all help you stay safe underwater, challenge your muscles and your cardiovascular system, and of course, stay comfortable so that you can have fun, too. The most vital component of your gear is a high-quality full face snorkel mask that ensures great visibility sans the fogging, prevents leaking, and provides automatic draining after you resurface.

Once you have the mask, you should move on to the fins. Some swimmers actually prefer to leave the fins at home, since they both provide support and give you a wider stroke and they make the snorkeling experience a bit more challenging. Depending on the depth you plan to explore and your own preference, try both and see what gives you a better workout!

Practice different strokes

Although swimming and snorkeling both engage all of your muscles, you know very well that at a certain point, your body gets used to certain movements. Of course, you can always push your limits and prolong your snorkeling time, which will also give you greater endurance, strength, and stamina, but implementing different strokes will keep your body guessing for what comes next. If you’re not a beginner, then you can start using various strokes immediately, while novice snorkelers should first try the moves with the help of an instructor.

For example, the crawl stroke and the breaststroke are classic moves you should use in your routine, but for more advanced swimmers, adding the butterfly stroke and the side stroke can really pose a challenge. Then again, different kicks and finning styles accomplish a similar effect: you can propel yourself deeper into the water and back to the surface and practice various ways to use or eliminate the use of your arms to put more pressure on your back and your legs.

Time your snorkeling for a greater challenge

When you think of snorkeling as a vacation activity, you immediately imagine calm seas. For beginners, this is certainly the best way to go even if you’re starting your brand-new snorkeling workout program. However, when you’re familiar with the process and you’re an experienced snorkeler, and even better if you know the region where you plan to snorkel, you can actually time your tides differently.

Simply by choosing waves over calm water will give your body so much more to work with, since the resistance will be much greater for you to perform all the regular movements underwater. However, make sure you never go snorkeling alone, so that you can stay safe, have someone to help you in case of a cramp, chest pains, or any other issue for that matter. In fact, this person can also cheer you on as well, so that you can get more out of your snorkeling exercise when all is well!

Don’t underestimate the power of underwater workouts for your health. Snorkeling is a great, joint-friendly way to stay in excellent shape, keep your heart and lungs healthy, and lose those extra pounds. Make sure to follow these tips, and every session will be more fun and challenging than before!