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4 Benefits of Having a Protein Shake before Bed

Protein shakes have become quite an essential drink in our lives, especially if we’re into sports and trying to pump our muscles. However, more often than not, we drink our protein shakes either before or after our workout, and not necessarily every day. On another note, having a protein shake before bed is also quite a healthy solution, but many people do not know about it. Why should you have a protein shake before bed? What good will it do? Take a look at this guide and we bet you will be taking one tonight!

Weight loss

Even though having protein shakes can promote weight loss, it’s very important to pay attention to the daily calorie intake. When you’re eating, your body sees food as calories, and if you’re eating over the regular daily amount, you might end up gaining weight. Even though a protein shake is a drink, it definitely brings more calories to your organism, there are ways in which you can turn the tables and use this for your own advantage.

Adjusting your calorie intake is the easiest way to make this happen – make sure to eat less food that’s rich in calories so that your protein shake isn’t the one that will make your calorie intake go over the amount that you want. If you pay attention to this, however, drinking protein shakes before bed can have its advantages. First and foremost, it will boost your metabolism and speed up the rate at which you burn your calories. According to a small study conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition, this can also have great benefits for athletes.

Muscle growth

As already mentioned, drinking protein shakes before or after the workout is definitely something that we’re used to. And it’s for a good reason, protein is a very important factor for muscle growth, especially if we want to pump our muscles just a bit more. This helps our body to be kept in muscle protein balance, as protein contains essential amino acids that are very important for this process.

However, regardless of the time you’re drinking your protein shakes, if you want to enhance the performance of your muscles and pay attention to them, it’s very good to know which proteins you are taking. Opting for the effective casein protein is always a great option, and it’s a great night option due to its slow absorption. It’s during the night that our muscles are relaxing, and thus they are most prone to being changed. This is why opting for a night protein shake at least a couple of times a week is an excellent choice.


Speaking of night shakes, consuming a protein shake at night can definitely improve our athletic performance. You may wonder how’s that possible, and beware of the answer. According to different studies, protein supplementation before sleep can further enhance our muscle growth and strength. Not only that, but consuming protein before bed can also regulate muscle protein metabolism.

Finally, it also affects our ability to exercise longer, and can enhance our strength during workouts. This is definitely something that many athletes need, and it can be achieved only if you’re thinking outside the box and are using protein shakes for something more than plain muscle pumping.


As far as sleep is concerned, this is a double-edged sword. Even though drinking a protein shake before going to bed might disturb your sleep, all of this depends on the protein type that you’re using. You probably don’t need energy from simple sugars right before going to bed now, do you? However, many researchers found positive results for consuming protein before bed without impairing the sleep cycle. So yes, it’s possible that you consume the right protein amount without having any effects on your sleep.

Moreover, if you choose the right protein for you, the amino acids from protein can control your mood and help you with sleep. A study conducted in 2013 found that diets that are made out of 56% protein, 22% fat and 22% carbs improved the sleep of the patients and led to fewer waking episodes. Moreover, another study which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2016 found that obese and overweight patients improved their quality sleep only when more protein had been added to their diet.

To sum up, it’s safe to say that drinking protein shakes at night has both advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s up to you to turn the pros into cons by paying attention to the calorie intake and what proteins you’re using. Keeping track of the amount of protein you take will definitely prevent you from gaining more weight or having many sleepless nights. But if you play your cards right, you will discover all the great advantages drinking this drink at night has.